WBRi Exclusive | Rama Mandal Remembered at Rabindra Sadan - August 14, 2009

Kolkata, India, Aug 15, 2009: On 14th August, 2009; there was a program held at Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata in memory of eminent Rabindrasangeet artist Late Rama Mandal. The program has been organized by Rama Ramyabina, a organization presided by Living Legend Suchitra Mitra and Secretary of the organization is Biplab Mandal, eminent Tabla Player and husband of Smt. Mandal.

At 1st half of the program, they paid homage to Suchitra Mitro, Kumarsankar Bagchi, Anup Matilal, Santi Basu, Rekha Maitro, Dr, Ashok Ganguly and Mr. S. F. Karim.

Suchitra Mitro could not speak since she groomed up Rama as her own daughter. Mr. Bagchi and Mr. Karim has told Rama’s contribution as a Rabindra devotee. Where ENT Specialist Dr. Ganguly felt the honour to share stage with Suchitra Mitro, dancer Santi Basu and administrator Mr. Matilal portrayed Rama as a pioneer of Rabindrasangeet

At the 2nd half, they organized a excellent program comprising Rabindrasangeet by Pramit Sen and Rabindraabritti by Partho Mukhopadhyay. The program was based on Barsha ( Rain ) and the houseful auditorium was showered with excellent songs and poems specially Hriday Amaar jai je bhese, Hridoye Mandrilo Dambaru Guru Guru and Paagla Hawar Badal Dine by Pramit Sen and Neel Navaghano and Purno hoyeche Bichched by Partho Mukhopadhyay. The entire 2nd half was very good but the anchor Mr. Tirtho Pratim Chawdhury made a mistake – he projected the program in such a way so that Partho Mukhopadhyay is assisting Pramit Sen!!!

The last part of the program was famous Dance Drama Sapmochan by Rabindranath Tagore. Central characters has been played by Santi Basu, Rekha Maitro and Kohinoor Sen Barat whereas Suchita Mitro and Suchitra Mitro elocuted the verses and Pramit Sen and Koel Adhikary were in singing. Pramit Sen and Kohinoor Sen Barat were excellent. Suchitra Mitro was facing age related problem. One thing was established at the time of dancing that people should honour their age because Santi Basu and Rekha Maitro were very good as per expression and skill but they were slow in dancing and their agewise looks were not matching with the characters. Group songs were good but group dances established lack of co ordination among participants.

At the end of the program, Mr. Biplab Mandal promised to deliver such programs every year on birth anniversary of Rama Mandal.We are very thankful to him and Rama Ramyabina for arranging such awesome cultural program.

- Subhomay Mukherjee
Washington Bangla Radio News

Subhomoy Mukherjee Subhomay Mukherjee, a syndicated contributor to Washington Bangla Radio, is an acclaimed elocution and recitation artist, music lover, actor and anchor, and by profession, a senior manager of a multinational corporation and lives in Salt Lake, Kolkata. Subhomay can be reached at dhrubo2435 [at] yahoo [dot] com.