Bertie Da Silva Live In Concert | Birla Sabhaghar, Kolkata - Aug 22, 2009 @ 7 PM

Bertie Da SilvaA set of new songs in which Bertie discovers new spaces, new lives, new stories, and just how far a tune can go out into the great unknown.

And then there are some old favorites - reworked and filtered to sound the way they were supposed to sound when they were written.

Making this possible is the extended, newish band line up which still features solid bass man. Willie Walters, and the backing vocals man Anindya Paul; but...then phere's Suraj - a new face in the Calcutta scene but an old hand at the drums, and Sooman, another young new face in the city but a guitar player who burns it up in ways you've rarely heard before.

All coming together to create a new distinct sound which a certain gentleman would cleverly like to call "PROF ROCK"...

You have not heard this Bertie before...

Check out Bertie's solo set for reasons you will understand only when you've heard the show...and that's why we advise you to be there!

Come on over to GD Birla Sabhagar on the 22nd of August at 7 pm to experience where original rock music in English is progressing. It's unlike anything you've been hearing.

Tickets @ Rs 100 are limited and going fast from:

Kookie Jar - Rawdon Street & City Centre
Guitar Centre - Tollygunge phari

Tickets will be available at the venue 20th onwards.

Call 9830086464 or 9831017108 for help, if you need it.
short stories & verse: