Interview of Rajaditya Banerjee on his illustrious brother and film maker, the late Bappaditya Bandyopadhyay, Part III.

In wake of the upcoming birthday of the late film maker Bappadityo Bandyopadhyay, later this month on August 28th, his younger brother Rajaditya Banerjee, pays his tribute in an interview with Brinda Mallick. He talks at length, on the works, the thoughts and creative endeavors of the illustrious director. A series of interviews are being published at WBRI all through the month of August.

An Untouched Saga of Melancholic Catharsis of A Legend Bappaditya Bandopadyay. Part # 3 

Rajaditya Banerjee continues his conversation with Brinda Mallik...

Brinda... Hiis first film "Samprodan " showed the vague customs and rituals regarding marriage, right? Was it his first feature film ?

Rajaditya..Yes , "Samprodan" was his first feature film but he had made a couple of short films before that. If u carefully watch "Samprodan" then you'll realize that he was fascinated by women centric issues and was keen on highlighting the plight of women in our society. In this film the female lead rebelled against the age old system of somprodan , dad giving away her daughter at the time of marriage. I thought it was bold coming from a rookie film maker in his early 20's and making his first film! No wonder he got noticed & audience expected great storytelling from the great man! He always had questions and was never judgmental . He was asking questions rather he was provoking us to think. 

Brinda...Since his first film, women centric problems , issues , wrong social myths were portrayed again and again . Did he try to equate feminism and humanism ? As a believer of equal-rights what was the main cause behind it ?

Rajaditya...Not really so , but it's my take .I have to confess I'm really not qualified to talk about his cinema. In my view he was more a humanist than a feminist . Sadly a look at our society will tell u how we have treated our women! Dada beautifully portrayed these issues on celluloid.

One amazing film that was made by dada comes to my mind.."Kaantatar - Barbed Wire" which was made based on the novel "Dwaar-Bashini " written by my dad Sri Debashish Bandopadhyay for Ananda Bazar Patrika . The protagonist was a woman who changed her name , religion just to eke out living. He was questioning the fact that why is it so difficult for women to survive in this world ? Why does a society make it an extremely difficult for the marginalized to survive ? And that's why he chose baba's novel " Dwar-Basini " . Two of my childhood heroes came together to make this classic.

It was also a wonderful take on identity and migration crisis It was made way back 1999 and won the best film award at the Asian Cine Fest Fest Festival in Vesoul, France. 

Today we keep talking about the migrant crisis but a 29 year old already made a classic film on this subject 17 years ago! He was really ahead of his time and I doubt if we understood him as a film maker , as a creative soul. He did not get his due, but then who would give him his due? Few understood cinema, let alone his type of films. 

To be continued.......