Interview of Rajaditya Banerjee on his illustrous brother and film maker, the late Bappaditya Bandyopadhyay

yyAn Untouched Saga of Melancholic Catharsis of A Legend Bappaditya Bandopadhyay. Part # 1 

Rajaditya Banerjee is closely following the foot steps of brother Bappaditya and is all set to carry on the legacy of making great, thought provoking films on human emotions and relevant issues of our times. Let us hear him talk to Brinda Mallick on the ideologies and thoughts that Bappaditya stood for.

Brinda-- It is really unfortunate that we lost a young, dynamic and thoughtful a director of Indian Cinema Bappaditya Bandopadhyay at such an untimely demise at an age of only 45 years. It is a big loss not only to the Bengali cine world but to the Indian and World Cinema at large.People loved his independent thoughts and unique creations on the silver-screen . We are eager to know about your elder brother who was more than a director, and had left his mark and style of inscription on the walls of Indian Cinema . So , let's start - 

Rajaditya-- Sure .

Brinda--Just for a while you forget your personal relationship with him as sibling --- Now how can you explain and define Bappaditya Bandopadhyay -? 
--- ( i ) As a human being ,
--- ( ii ) As a director , 
--- ( iii) As a poet . 

RDB | (Rajaditya) 

It is very hard to describe him in a few words , because he was an enigma . As an individual he was very warm ,very reserved , very affectionate . but i think most importantly he was a very big thinker , a man who was thinking , a man who was always ahead of his time , a man who was living his life through cinema . That's all I can say about him . I think it's just impossible to describe a man like Bappa da in few words ... .

Brinda-- You are also an actor , writer / script-writer , a theater person abroad On the other hand , Bappaditya Bandopadhyay was an exceptional filmmaker with a tremendous cinematic eye-view and an extreme realistic sense and sensibility . Now as his younger brother how will you describe his inner persona ? 

RDB | The kind of films he had already made totally reflected his inner persona . He was very innovative , he was thinking differently . Most importantly he was making films which I thought compelled us to think about life around us.

Dada was defined by his spine . He's defined by his uncompromising attitude. And he was very uncompromisingly original . So that's the impression I have about him . 

If one word can describe him best it's enigma ---A man who lead from the front, who was too original in a fake world....

...To be continued....