Debarati Gupta’s ‘Kuheli’, a Scary Thriller is on the Shooting Floors

Posted: 26 Jul 2016 03:51 AM PDT

RDG Production Pvt Ltd forays into Bengali films by collaborating with AVMA Media LLP for Debarati Gupta’s upcoming scary thriller Kuheli.

RDG has produced hit Telegu films like “Brahma Lokam to Yama Lokam via BhooLokam” and “Cinema Choopistha Mama”

Rupesh Gohil of RDG says- “We are extremely looking forward to this association with AVMA Media to make high quality content driven cinema in Bengali language. We are in sync with their vision on the kind of films that need to be made. Our first film KUHELI is on the floors and will release by the end of the year.”


Avishek Ghosh of AVMA Media LLP says- “RDG Production not only understand the business themselves, being such prolific players in the Telegu industry, their interest in Bengali cinemas is credit worthy. Our collaboration will bring forward some really good cinema which will be a treat for the audience.”

Official Statements :

Debarati Gupta (Director) – “While I have worked on thrillers before, for the first time I am bringing in a scary undertone to the thriller genre. The film is going to be unique in its presentation and the Bengali audience is going to be in for a treat. As our target audience is primarily the youth, we have kept the casting very fresh.  We have been doing intense workshops with the lead artists. Indrasish and Pujarini, who play a young people who have recently moved to Kolkata, have a terrific chemistry that is waiting to explode on screen. While Kaushikda  and Anindya Pulak play investigative officers of the Kolkata Police Dept., their characters have been etched in a manner so that they stand out from all the other police characters that have been seen on screen in recent times. Chandreyee plays an interesting character of a tarot card reader who is pivotal to the ongoing story. The look and feel to the film is being treated realistically so that the film remains true to its genre.”

Avishek Ghosh (Producer) – “I have been wanting to make a film  in this genre for a long time but the scripts that I was getting didn’t appeal much. Kuheli is the entire package. It has so many layers at different levels that it is unique, because it is not just a thriller or a scary film, but a beautifully woven love story as well. I am extremely happy the way the script and casting has been done. Debarati and my vision on the film is in sync and we are looking forward to bringing this thrilling ride to the audience soon.” 


  • Indrasish Roy
  • Pujarini Ghosh
  • Chandreyee Ghosh
  • Kaushik Sen
  • Anindya Pulak

Produced by- Avishek Ghosh (AVMA Media LLP)

Genre- Scary Thriller