WBRi movie Review: All is Well

                                  All is not well.
 Film: All Is Well             
Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, Asin, Supriya Pathak, Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub
Duration: 2 hr 7 mins

The movie is a journey of fun, self-realization; values and confusion were happiness prevails in the end.

The movie is a family drama directed by Umesh Shukla of Oh My God fame. The movie opens with the song Tu mila de where Abhishek Bachchan(Inder Bhalla) is portrayed as a struggling artist, a wannabe rockstar in Bangkok. Soon he gets a call from Chima(Zeeshan Ayyub) asking him for his signature on the property documents of the bakery shop owned by his father Mr Bhalla(Rishi Kapoor). Inder comes back to India to claim the money he owes from the bakery shop. But after reaching home the reality dawns on him that his father, Mr Bhalla is under debt of Rs 20lac which he owes to Chima. What follows next is a chaos of misunderstandings, frustration and occasionally family bonding.

Abhishek Bachchan never comes close to fit into the character of Indar Bhalla, a struggling and frustrated artist. Actually the character doesn’t fit into the movie just as the movie doesn’t fit in the glorious filmography of Rishi Kapoor.  Inder has grown up watching the daily conflict between his parents and hence has no faith in the intuition of marriage. Thus, he doesn’t returns his love to Nimmi(Asin) who plays the girl who has fallen for Indra. Asin on the other hand was very simple and happy go lucky girl. Though Asin is a very talent actor and is known for doing justice to her characters, this time her chemistry with Small B was very poor and failed to ignite any spark on screen.  Rishi Kapoor justified the role of Mr Bhalla, a man under huge debt and whose business is down. He shouts, screams and yells, just as every man in his situation would have done. But Mr Bhalla, the baker is never seen baking. Still do you wonder why his business is not running? Beekar ka baker indeed. Supriya Pathak who plays the character of Indar’s mother stays true to her role of a heart broken Alziehmer’s patient and no one to look after her, just as no one would be there to look after the film after the first week, if not earlier. Zeeshan Ayyub as Chima was a fun loving boss to his gang of mindless people and fits well in this mindless script.

                                      Abhishekh promoting his movie in Kolkata

The plot of the movie was ok and could have been executed better with a better script. The dialogues were over the top trying very hard to make you laugh but falls flat. Audience will be hugely disappointed on the director on whom they had a lot of expectations after watching his previous movie OMG. A large part of audience surely has bought the tickets for the director. (Does anyone buy tickets to watch Abhishek only? If there is one, the person is surely need more help than this movie or even Abhishekh himself).  The only thing positive about the movie was its songs and music which provide the much needed ‘musical relief’ for the poor souls in the movie hall.  

If you love mindless plot this your movie to watch. Also if you are looking privacy with your partner heading to movie halls exhibiting this movie is likely your place to be. The seats are most likely toremain empty providing you a lot of privacy.  If you think we are joking, no we are not. If you are looking for jokes just remember the title of the movie after watching it. I suggest you do it in Raanchos’s way from 3 Idiots.

Review by Shiba Aamir