Agatha steps into Tollywood with Shubhrajit' Mitra's Chorabali ; Tanushree plays Christie

 Kolkata, August 23, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Legendary writer Agatha Christie and her famous characters like  Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple for decades have grabbed the fancy of many . Its no wonder that many films, Television series have been inspired by her novels. like ‘Murder on the Orient express’, ‘They came to Baghdad’,  ‘Murder of Roger Ackord’ and others. But for the first time her work is going to be adapted in Bengali film Industry. Director Shubrajit Mitra has already completed the shoot of   a Bengali film titled ‘Chorabali’ based on the novel ‘the Cards on a table’, a murder mystery by the legendary writer.

Recently the cast comprising of Shataf Figar, Malabika,Tanusree , Barun Chanda,Sayoni,Mou Baidya and Tathagata Banerjee along with the director Shubhrajit Mitra launched the logo of their film at Max’s Fashion store at a shopping mall in Eastern Kolkata. The place was brightened up with the presence of the ensemble cast.

                              Cast and Crew launches the Logo of the film

Director Shubhrajit Mitra spoke to WBRi on the occasion and said about his film, “Chorabali is a modern adaptation of ‘Cards on the Table’. Though the original backdrop of the Novel is of Victorian Age England, my film is set in modern Kolkata.”

                     From Left: Pradip Churiwal, Shataf Figar,Shubhrajit Mitra, Tanushree,Sayani Dutta,Malobika and Mou Baidya

About the cast of the film Shubhrajit Said, “Barun Chanda is playing the role of Ardhendu Chatterjee the protagonist who is a retired criminologist. His character is based on Hercule Poirot. Shataf Figar is playing a DCDD named B.D. Sharma which is based on the character of Scotland Yard officer in the Novel. Tanushree plays Agatha Christie herself. When I first briefed her about the role I had explained her character in the film as ‘Agatha Christie Meets Jhumpa Lahiri’. She has that spark in her eye which shows intellect and she was a perfect cast in Agatha’s role.”

                                      Shataf Figar was spotted having a playful time.

“People will like this film because of the ensemble star cast. It has been made on a large canvas and it is not only a thriller but also is a tale of relationships. This film also has some social messages embedded in it.”

                                              Sayani Dutta

Tanushree told WBRi, “I am playing the younger self of Agatha Christie. It is my first thriller and in the very first thriller I am playing the most famous thriller writer the world has ever seen. So it is quite a challenge for me. I also play the role of a writer who is one of the suspects in the film.”
Shataf who was looking dapper in a green T-shirt also spoke to WBRi. He said, “This character of DCDD I play in this film is very special to me. This is the second major Character after 89. I also got to experiment a lot. I have portrayed my role of DCDD in a way no had ever seen before. I have also experimented on my look in the film and everyone has liked it. I hope all these will be loved by audience too.”

When asked how much he deviated from the original character in the novel, Shataf said, “ I have read the novel to understand the story better and know the character deeply.  But when portraying it in front of camera I took my own call.”

                                       The cast and crew cut a cake to celebrate the occasion

Malobika said, “I play Irina who is a model. I am youngest of the four suspects. This is quite a difficult film to do but I have enjoyed a lot.”

Reporting by Arundhuti Das

Photo: Biswajit Saha