Ethan hunt goes all guns blazzing at Box Office, to arrive india a week later

Kolkata, August 02, 2015(Washington Bangla Radio): Ethan Hunt is again going to strike hard at baddies and the audience is again geared up to be the witness of his latest mission. Mission impossible: Rogue Nation, The fifth Installment of the series will release a week later in India after it hits the theatres in USA on 31st July.

The movie which has already pegged in $40 Million on its opening day has a edgy plot with a number of twists and turns. plot as revealed by a popular website goes like this: After intercepting nerve gas being sold to terrorists, Impossible Missions Force agent Ethan Hunt is convinced he can prove the existence of the Syndicate, an international criminal consortium. Reporting to an IMF substation to receive his next orders, Hunt is captured by the Syndicate, but escapes a torture chamber with the help of disavowed MI6 agent and Syndicate operative Ilsa Faust.

Meanwhile, CIA director Alan Hunley and IMF agent William Brandt appear before a Senate oversight committee, and Hunley succeeds in having the IMF disbanded and absorbed into the CIA, guaranteeing that Hunt will be captured within the day. Cut off from the IMF, Hunt starts following his only lead: a blond man in glasses, later identified as Solomon Lane. Six months later, Hunt is still on the run. Unable to find the Syndicate without help, he enlists former colleague Benji Dunn, arranging for him to attend the opera Turandot in Vienna to search for Solomon Lane, whom he suspects is the leader of the Syndicate. Despite stopping three shooters, the Austrian Chancellor is killed by a car bomb.

Brandt recruits former agent Luther Stickell to find Hunt and prevent Hunley’s team from killing him. Using a likeness of Ilsa left by Hunt, Brandt and Stickell are able to track Hunt, Dunn, and Faust to Morocco, where the three are infiltrating a secure server underneath a power station. After having stolen what they believe to be a ledger containing the names of all Syndicate agents, Ilsa takes the drive and a chase ensues. Ilsa manages to escape, but Dunn reveals he had already made a copy of the data. Ilsa returns to London, and attempts to pass the file to her handler, Attlee, who compels Ilsa to return to the Syndicate and finish her mission. She returns to Lane, only to find that Attlee has wiped the drive, which in fact contained an encrypted “red box”, property of the British government which required the Prime Minister’s biometrics to be unlocked. The former IMF agents confront Ilsa, but when Lane's men abduct Dunn, they are told they must deliver a decrypted copy of the drive to Lane. Hunt realises that Lane will always have a plan to acquire the files whatever he does, and so the only certain way to stop him is to confront him.

Brandt contacts Hunley and reveals their location. At a charity auction, the two try and prevent Hunt from attacking the Prime Minister, whom they and Attlee take to a secure room. Hunt, having posed as Attlee, reveals himself and has the Prime Minister confirm the existence of the Syndicate, a classified project to perform missions without oversight, though the Prime Minister insists that he cancelled the project before it could leave the planning stages as he considered it to be too extreme. When the real Attlee arrives, Hunt subdues him and he admits that he had been covering up the existence of the Syndicate since Lane hijacked the project and went rogue. Stickell discovers the file actually contains access to billions of pounds. Hunt memorizes the data and destroys the file to force Lane to release Dunn and Ilsa in exchange for what he knows. He goads Lane, drawing him into the open and luring him into a bulletproof cell where he is taken into custody. Some time later, Hunley and Brandt return to the oversight committee, where Hunley secures the reinstatement of the IMF, claiming that his previous efforts to have it disbanded were all to allow Hunt to go undercover. The committee, though skeptical, approves, and Brandt addresses Hunley as "Mr. Secretary”.

While Tom Cruise will reprise his role Ethan Hunt, Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg will also be back as Willium Brandt and Benji Dunn respectively. Swedish Star Rebecca Ferguson will be seen as Ilsa Faust and Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell, Sean Harris as Solomon Lane and Alec Baldwin as Alan Hunley.

Reporting by Paulami Chandra

Sources: Wikipedia

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