How To Sign Up for T-Mobile Free for Life 200mb Tablet Unleashed Wireless Broadband Data Plan

By Supratim Sanyal


Disclaimer: The following steps document what I did to get an Apple iPad 4 Wi-Fi+Cellular on the T-Mobile Free 200mb Mobile Broadband Wireless Data plan ("DATA PASS - Free Data For Life"). The activation was performed the day before this note was posted, and is accurate at the time of writing. This does not mean anything in this note is accurate at the time you are reading it. I totally, absolutely and completely am NOT responsible for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies, or actually anything at all in this note. You absolve me of all responsibility of this note. You read it, and maybe choose to act according to it, entirely at your own risk. All screenshots are almost certainly copyrighted by T-Mobile. If you do not agree to these terms, close the browser immediately, shut the computer down, step out and have some real fun.

Washington, DC, Aug 21, 2014 (Washington Bangla Radio): There is no such thing as free lunch. You do not pay for the 200mb ONLY IF you have a post-paid voice plan with T-Mobile, or if you have a pre-paid DATA plan with T-Mobile. PLEASE read and understand the official T-Mobile FAQ, especially the answer to the question "Do I have to be on a plan or a contract in order to get the free data?" at the T-Mobile web-site, before you proceed.

Step 1

Make sure your tablet has a slot for a SIM. Then find out what size of SIM your tablet uses. SIMS come in three sizes - Standard, Micro and Nano. For example, a Wi-Fi+Cellular capable Apple iPad 4 uses a Micro-sim, located here:

Cellular Data SIM location on Apple iPad 4

Step 2

Point your web-browser to the T-Mobile web-site and order a compatible Data SIM for your device using the items marked "T-Mobile Data SIM Starter Kit". Data SIMs are not the same as voice SIMs. You can order up to two data SIMs in each order. Watch for a promotional code when you order, sometimes T-Mobile provides a code like "FREESIM" that essentially makes the order free, including shipping to your address. I ordered one free Standard and one free Micro T-Mobile Data SIM Starter Kit and used the FREESIM code to get them free. The Standard T-Mobile Data SIM Starter Kit I got is for future use if I get another tablet. I activated the the Micro SIM on the iPAD as described here.

While ordering, the T-mobile shopping cart will also include Simple Choice Plan 1GB of high-speed data on their network at a monthly cost of $10. This is okay for now for the purposes of ordering. When the SIM arrives and is activated in your tablet, you will switch to the "On-Demand" plan that basically allows you to have the option of purchasing additional data if you run out of the free 200mb in a month, only if you need it and choose to do so. Here is what your shopping cart should look like.

Order T-Mobile Free Data For Life Cellular SIM Card for iPad

Click HERE to order T-Mobile Data SIM shipped to your address »

Step 3

The SIM will arrive in an envelope that has a cautionary notice about Lithium Ion Batteries being inside. However, there will be no batteries of any kind inside the envelope.

T-Mobile Free 200mb Tablet Data For Life SIM Card

Inside the envelope, there will be a ziploc bag for each SIM that you ordered.

T-Mobile Free 200mb Data For Tablet

T-Mobile Free Tablet Data For Life

Also included will be a customer copy of your order with a return slip at the bottom. Save this sheet just in case for your reference.

T-Mobile Free Tablet Data For Life

Step 4

First, power your tablet off.

Then, using a safety-pin (like I did) or something similar (individual staple pins peeled of staple packs from inside a stapler also work), press down into the little hole next to the SIM slot in your tablet. This will loosen the SIM tray, the end of which will come out of the tablet. Pull the tray completely out. There may be a SIM already in the tray, remove the existing SIM from the tray if there is one. In my case, there was an AT&T SIM on the tray that I had to remove.

T-Mobile Free Tablet Data For Life

T-Mobile Free Tablet Data For Life

T-Mobile Free Tablet Data For Life

Step 5

Extract the new T-Mobile SIM from the card that it shipped in.

T-Mobile Free Tablet Data For Life

Place the new SIM on the SIM tray, matching up the notch at the corner, with the gold-plated connectors exposed from the bottom of the tray. Put the tray back in.

T-Mobile Free Tablet Data For Life

Step 6

Power the tablet back on. Let the tablet complete any wireless career updates if it wants to. Then find out the phone number associated with your T-Mobile Data SIM in the tablet. On the iPad, it is under Settings -> General. Note down the phone number of your Data SIM.

Step 7

If your tablet is connected to a Wi-Fi Network, disconnect from Wi-Fi. Then, open your Tablet's browser and browse to Go ahead and create an account associated with the Phone Number of your SIM.

T-Mobile Free Tablet Data For Life

Once done, your data service is up and active.

T-Mobile Free Tablet Data For Life

Step 8

Switch to the ON-DEMAND plan so that you are not billed monthly for a post-paid regular "Simple Choice" plan. Doing so will limit you to the 200mb of broadband wireless data for your tablet per month for free (for life!), and if you run out of the free data any month, you can buy more if you so wish. Go back to your account and modify your plan to choose "On-Demand" instead of "Simple Choice" that is configured by default.

T-Mobile Free Tablet Data For Life

If done correctly, your plan should look like the following, with 200mb free for life and $10 for "On Demand". The $10 will be credited back only if you have a post-paid voice or pre-paid data plan with T-Mobile - see T-Mobile's official FAQ for details at the T-Mobile web-site. Otherwise, you WILL be charged $10/month for the "On Demand" plan.

T-Mobile Free Tablet Data For Life

T-Mobile Free Tablet Data For Life

Step 9

Install the Speedtest app and test your speeds. I get 20mbps at LTE

T-Mobile Free Tablet Data For Life

and 7 mpbs at 4G. YMMV.

T-Mobile Free Tablet Data For Life

Step 10

Remember to turn Wi-Fi on your tablet back on so that you do not use the 200mb up on the first day itself. Also post what speeds you get - I would like to know for comparison.

Have fun!