New Bengali Audio Music Launch: Sagorer Opar Hote; Chiranjeet Chakraborty and Haimanti Shukla grace the occasion

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

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Kolkata, August 31 (Washington Bangla Radio): An album of modern Bengali songs “Sagorer Opar Hote” was recently released at Press Club Kolkata. The album is by Rajnita Banerjee. The music launch of this album took place in the presence of eminent singer Haimanti Shukla, actor turned politician Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Kalyan Sen Barat and Pratap Ray.

Rajnita Banerjee has her musical base in Nazrul Geeti, classical and semi classical music. She received formal training from Pandit Prasun and Meera Bandopadhyay (disciples of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali), Ustad Munawar Ali Khan (Son of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali) for more than fifteen years. The singer has performed in All India Radio and Doordarshan for nearly twenty years. Apart from this, the singer has also performed all over the country and also in USA from 2002 onwards. Her earlier released album was “Hridaye Rabindranath Chetonaye Nazrul”. Apart from this, she has also lent her voice for a song in the film ‘Chhayapath’ which released in July 2013. Speaking on the occasion, the singer thanked the press and the assembled guests for turning up despite the bad weather.

Chiranjeet Chakraborty who was present on the occasion was full of praises for the singer. “It is during my visit to USA that I met Rajnita. I went to USA to attend the convocation of my daughter who completed her doctorate. It is then that I met her and was introduced to her family. It is amazing to find that despite living in the USA, her sons speak Bengali fluently. Rajnita invited me to her house where we had a good chat over great food and also music and songs. It is then that I heard her sing and came to realize what a good singer she is” said the actor. Chiranjeet advised the singer to carry on with her singing as she has got a great voice and a supportive family. He wished her all the very best for her future endeavors.

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Speaking with WBRI correspondent, Haimanti Shukla said “One of the most important aspects one should keep in mind to become a good singer is that one must learn to be humble. Humility is one of the most important attributes of a good singer. One must never show off her qualities. It is essential that one become a good human being first. This will automatically help him or her to become a good singer. I find these qualities in Rajnita and this is the reason I think she will go a long way in the field of music”.

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Kalyan Sen Barat who is currently mentoring Rajnita and is also the music arranger of the album was full of praises for the singer. “This album has songs of all ragas and moods. There are eight songs in this album. The lyrics have been penned by Sisir, Shuvo Dasgupta and Tarun Singha” said the music arranger. Some of the songs in the album include “aloye akash bhora”, “jodi monta chay”, “asi bole chole gelo”

Rajnita Banerjee’s songs sound promising and will be a good treat for the listeners.

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