Kailash Kher mesmerizes Oslo with his soulful singing

kailash kher concert

Oslo, August 30 (Washington Bangla Radio):  Kailash’s strongest performance at recent concert in Oslo encouraged his crazy fans, especially lovely ‘deewanis’ - ladies of Pakistan and India origin, to come on stage and dance away. The ‘Teri Deewani’ singer with a music style influenced by Indian folk music had turned Oslo into Lovistaan.

Kailash Kher was performing with his band Kailasa at the closing ceremony of Edinburgh Fringe Festival - the largest and most prestigious arts festival in the world. Kailash’s concert also attracted more than 70 thousand Norwegians and they were going mad about the music.

Of course, considering Kailash's multi-platinum success like Saiyyan, Teri Dewani, Kailasa Jhoomo Re, Ya Rabba, Kailasa, Dasvidaniya, Sounds of Silence in his kit and backed with many repertoire of film songs, the singer is riding high on success. And the same could be seen among his Asian and Norwegians admirer at the concert. Really, music knows no boundary and Kailash Kher again proved it!

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