Salman Khan's "friend" Yazmin Khan fumes over incorrect media coverage

Model and actress Yazmin Khan

Mumbai, August 29 (Washington Bangla Radio): New York-born and now Mumbai-based model and actress Yazmin Khan is livid. And she has every right to be so. First a prominent TV channel recently ran a news report on Bigg Boss 7 and mentioned her name as one of the probable participants, quoting reliable sources as saying that the leggy model has Salman Khan's "aashirwaad" for the popular reality show. 

Next, the news was picked up by the online media which blasted the "gossip" all over the internet. Well who doesn't love some publicity, but Yazmin Khan says, "They first spelled my name wrongly. My name is not spelled as Yasmeen Khan, its Yazmin Khan. I am Yazmin with a 'Z'". Another prominent portal owned by the most popular English newspaper in the world, mixed up her photographs with that of an item girl who shares a similar name. "Till yesterday, nobody talked about me. Now I am being mixed up with item girls and even transvestites," lamented Yazmin Khan with tears in her eyes.

It is learnt that Yazmin Khan fired her Indian manager Aloke Singh for leaking out the news. 

It has been reported earlier that Salman Khan's "New York friend" model and Yasmeen Khan is likely to be in Bigg Boss 7. According to reliable sources, Yasmeen Khan who used to shuttle between New York, Mumbai and Delhi for modeling assignments has shifted base to Mumbai lock, stock and barrel with family and even purchased a flat in suburban Mumbai. 22-year-old Yasmeen who harbors acting dreams and wants to one day take up acting as a serious career option is also a “good friend” of Bollywood Badshah Salman Khan. The two have occasionally been in touch on SMS and mail and it is rumored that Salman Khan probably put in a good word for Yasmeen enabling her to get on India’s most popular reality show. However, as expected the channel wouldn’t confirm anything.

Salman Khan's

Yasmeen refused to speak to the media and said she cannot comment on media speculation or media reports. Apparently, a prominent TV channel recently ran a news report on Bigg Boss 7 and mentioned her name as one of the probable participants. “All I can say is I really wonder where you mediawallas get all this gossip from,” said Yasmeen with a twinkle in her eyes.