NRI sets up film school in Pune

Nikhat Powell is ready to  launch MIM in Pune

Mumbai, August 29 (Washington Bangla Radio): A lot of Indians have studied, worked or found a life abroad but there is something about your own country that makes it impossible to cut that umbilical cord, detach and begin a new life from scratch. There is this fondness, these teary –eyed moments when you think of your own country. Nikhat Aslam, a video editor and film teacher who is also Head of department at an esteemed College of Mass Communication, had a similar experience. She has now moved back to India and has settled in Pune.

Born and brought up in India, she moved to the US after marriage to be with the love of her life but she knew that she would come back to her country. “Yes, we had fun back in the US and life was comfortable but that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to come back and I knew Melvin (Nikhat’s husband) loved India as much,” she adds. Melvin had worked in India for some years, in Delhi. That’s when the two had met.

Nikhat began her career with Zee Tv at the time of its launch. Since then she has made a name for herself in the industry. Right from Dekh Bhai Dekh to several other shows with Aanand Mahendroo and Shridhar Kshirsagar to docus and corporate films- Nikhat has done it all. She has also founded a film-making school MIM in India. And after 15 years of MIM and over 300 students- many of them are now a part of the industry, she met Melvin Powell and moved her base to US.  “I dabbled with different things there, edited movies, had fun but this is where my heart lay,” says Nikhat.  She realized that many individuals in India are passionate and have very interesting ideas but they never get a chance or time to join a film school and learn. They miss their calling in life. Conditioned to follow conventional career paths, they often don’t even give themselves the choice to quit and try to pursue their passion. She decided to pack her bags and come back to India to her students.

MIM On set

After settling down in the city, Nikhat is now ready to follow her dream and launch MIM in Pune with her husband Melvin. “This course has been my dream. The technology is now becoming easily available, but there aren’t enough trained professionals to join the industry.  There is such potential in today’s youth and very few of them get to go to a film school. I wanted to continue what I had once begun,” she smiles.

“The course has been designed in such a way that students or working professionals do not have to take a break or take leave to pursue this course. There are also weekend courses & customized corporate courses offered. The classes will be held from7.10am to 7.40am three weekdays and practicals on Saturdays,” she says. She is now all geared up for her first batch of MIM – that commences on September 3. “There is a lot of work to be done, and I’m happy to be able to do it,” she says. 

Does she miss her life in US? Well, she just smiles and signs off.