Movie Review: New Indian Kolkata Bengali Movie Bangla Nache Bhangra; Pallavi and Sayan the next romantic pair of Tollywood

Awrko Roy / WBRINN

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Kolkata, August 27 (Washington Bangla Radio): Raj and Simran – these immortal names remind us of the epic romance in the history of Indian films. DDLJ is the probable inspiration of Bangla Nache Bhangra. Debutant director Nandini Sharma tries to make a fresh and vibrant love story with perspective mix of Bengali flavor with the Punjabi tadka. The film looks quite good as per her first attempt. Bangla Nache Bhangra is produced by Bangla Talkies. The story is written by Nitesh Sharma, the craftsman behind the establishment of Bangla Talkies.  

The film starts with a background score of Punjabi hymns thus revealing the flourishing Punjabi culture in our so called Bengali environment. Raj Chakraborty (Sayan) and Simran (Pallavi) both are students of Cosmopolitan College. As expected, they hate and tease each other. They both represent their college at a competition where they emerge as the champions. After their competition they celebrate their success. At the party, Simran while in intoxication expresses her love for Raj but Raj fails to perceive it. Meanwhile Simran’s family is a typical conservative Punjabi family who is always against other castes and thus she is house arrested once the affair is discovered.

Raj finds himself in a dilemma and decides to visit Simran’s house where he is beaten black and blue by Simran’s brothers following which Simran is sent to a relative’s house in Punjab and this is how Bangla Nache Bhangra begins. Raj decides to move to Punjab to meet his beloved and the romance flourishes on the soils of the ‘land of five rivers’.

The film is well crafted by director Nandini. As her first directorial venture she tries to deliver her best and makes Bangla Nache Bhangra an entertaining movie. The film is full of spectacular performances.

Sayan and Pallavi look promising. Pallavi being from a non Bengali background steals the show with her acting and gestures. She perfectly fits the bill for the character of Simran.

Sayan as Raj performs amazingly. His acting potentials and his charming gestures are going make him the next chocolate hero of Tollywood for sure. Nandini has crafted these two non-actors in an exact way as they should be. Thumbs up to director Nandini !!!

Partha Sarathi was stupendous with his character named as Gondho Da. He entertains the audience with his tremendous comic timing. He works in Randhawa transports, business run by Simran’s brother. His witty dialogues add punches to the script.

If Gondho da is the firecracker in first half then the performances of Kharaj Mukherjee and Rajesh Sharma are tremendous in the second half. We all know them as the acting powerhouse and they prove it again.

The film’s gripping graph falls from the interval. The intense romance suddenly seems missing in the second half.  When everyone was expecting some more tensions in their romance, none finds anything near to that.

The songs are well crafted specially the title track. It was beautifully designed and full credit goes to the choreographer. The inclusion of Ragaboyz is a result of experimentation but it didn’t add any extra flavor. The inclusion of Punjabi characters could have been well executed.    The edit could have been better, as in some scenes it looked frivolous.

The resolution of the film could have been more promising. The way the film ends suppresses the romance of Raj and Simran. Love stories are always associated with pains and that becomes the biggest drawback of the film. The film doesn’t show a sequence where ignition of true pain is shown. The background score is not well synchronized as it didn’t match up with the flavor of the film.

Sayan and Pallavi are surely going to be the new discovery of Tollywood. The film has a lot of young talents who perform well. Gondho da was really spectacular in his avatar.

Overall the first directorial venture of Nandini Sharma Bangla Nache Bhangra is worth watching. The Bong-Punjabi flavor is portrayed well but not to the best. Director Nandini’s directorial venture has every element of being an entertaining movie but it fails to create the mark.



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