Watch: Trailer of Selena Gomez’s Stars Dance, Exclusively created for India

Mumbai, August 26 (Washington Bangla Radio): India is increasingly becoming an important avenue for international artists, with many of them including them in the tours, some creating special video messages and shout outs for their fans and various other similar activities.

Taking the lead in this is American singer and actress, Selena Gomez. As a way to promote the album release, a special album trailer has been created exclusively for the Indian audience. With the album being said to draw inspiration from Indian music, and the song ‘Come & Get It’ containing Bhangra beats, this is the perfect album for the artist to have carried out such an activity for. Even through the promotions of her album, Selena was seen sporting ‘bindis’ frequently.

Selena Gomez Stars Dance: Album Trailer (You Tube)

There could have been no better way for her to show appreciation for her fans in India! 

Selena Gomez is officially represented in India by Universal Music India.