PARTY ROCK ANTHEM 2013 BY Gin & Rees - 'DJ Chakhdeh Phatteh

Indie-pop music album

Gin & Rees - 'DJ ChakhdehPhatteh'

Mumbai, August 24 (Washington Bangla Radio): The hit-makers Gin & Rees are back again with a great Bhangra dance floor smash! 'DJ ChakhdehPhatteh' features the amazing vocals of Panjab based SukhwantThind on auptempo beat created by the East London based brothers showcasing their versatility as music producers.

Their previous songs have included 'TenuPyar Karan' with NirmalSidhu, 'DilAjNachanNuh'ftJagdev and the superhit 'SanuTehChanga' ftAslam Ali.

The accompanying video for 'DJ ChakhdehPhatteh' was filmed on Gin's actual birthday and captures the ambience of a house party and the celebration of such a joyous occasion.

'DJ ChakhdehPhatteh' will be released on the 15th August 2013 on the RNC Records label and will be available via iTunes and other digital stores.

Expect much more from Gin & Rees over the coming few months. Gin explains: "The studio's been in overdrive recently. We're so busy with producing music for new singers as well as a few more established ones."

Rees adds: "I think since SanuTehChanga, people have realised that we're not producers that can do just one kind of music, we're multi-genre. We have a well equipped studio and it seems to be becoming home for a number of artists!"

"DJ Chakhdeh Phatteh" Gin & Rees ft. Sukhwant Thind [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (You Tube)