Shooting starts for New Kolkata Bengali Movie Akti Muhurter Jonye: A film on the wrongs of Child Labor

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new tollywood kolkata bangla movie

Kolkata, August 24 (Washington Bangla Radio): Bengali film fraternity has explored the evils of child labor through many films. Now again this issue of child labor is going to come on silver screen  through the craftsmanship of director Shiboprasad Chakraborty as he is getting ready with his film ‘Ekti Muhurter Jonno’

The film stars Srila Majumdar, Mrinal Mukherjee, Nimu Bhowmick, Priya Sengupta and others. WBRi reached the cast and crew while the film was being shot at Technician’s Studio at Tollygunge.

The film deals with the various negative aspects of child labors. While having some conversations with the casts we came to know more about the film. According to them this is a film that will create awareness in the hearts of millions of people who should know how child labor is affecting the society.

While having conversations with the director Shiboprasad Chakraborty, who is mainly known as Khokon in Tollywood film industry, we came to know more about the film. He told us that “Akti Muhurter Jonye” is a film that deals with the concept of child labor. The film will show how the society is using the hands of our so called future generations and how the society is demolishing all their dreams. The film will convey the message “Every Child needs education, food and proper light of justice through the eyes of millions of innocent childrens.” He further said that the main motive of his film is to make people understand that how love can shove away all the negative intentions that anybody possess for these destitute little children of our society.

new tollywood kolkata bangla movie

The music of the film is incorporated with experimentation. The film has three songs.

All the three songs are different and are synchronized as per the sequences. One of the three songs will have the feel of baul rhythm, another with the flavors of Rabindra sangeet and the third one is entirely of a different genre with different feel.

Mrinal Mukherjee, the veteran actor who is known for his remarkable roles in Bengali films told us that he is playing the role of the antagonist. He describes his character as a man who is known as a social worker, who does too many social welfare stuffs but is very shrewd from inside. He wears a mask which is exposed later on in the film. When asked about the strong point of the film he let us know that the script itself is too strong that it will definitely make a mark on the film. He also praised the director for his untiring efforts for the film.

Srila Majumdar told us that in this film she is playing a teacher and is the protagonist in this film. She says that her character literally wants to bring back the affected little children to the mainstream flow of the society. She is extremely happy with the character she is playing. She said, “After a long time I am playing a strong character. This character is very special to me as I am compelling with the goons of the society as shown in the film.” She praises the director for his sincere efforts towards the film.

The film is being shot at various parts of Kolkata and other suburbs and is expected to release very soon.

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