Preview, Poster: New Kolkata Bangla Movie 'Khomaprarthi'; Bloodied tale of Vengeance and a Girl’s Sufferings

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN
new tollywood kolkata bangla movie

Kolkata, August 22 (Washington Bangla Radio): Khomaprarthi is an upcoming Bengali film which will mark the directorial debut of Sanddy. The film is a social revenge drama and is being produced under the banner of M.J film and art creation.

The storyline of the film goes like this: A girl named Malabika or Mili comes from a small middle class family and her family consists of her widowed mother, her elder brother, sister in law, nephew and niece.  After the death of Mili’s father, Mili’s elder brother did many part time jobs to make both ends meet. After a lot of efforts her elder brother sets up a construction business. But soon had face off with local toughs like Raju Mondal and Chota Lukka due to different issues of the business. Later her brother re-starts the business by coming to a with settlement Pratap Singh, a powerful person of the area and elder brother of Chota Lukka. In the meantime Raju Mondal wooed Mili with sweet words and Mili fell in love with him, not realizing that Raju’s intention was no good and his words were all fake.

When Mili’s elder brother refuses to accept the relationship of Mili and Raju, a bitter quarrel takes place between Mili and her borther. Raju too gets into a fight with him and has him murdered. Two passer bys and two local persons remain witness to the murder. But they back off from providing witness at the court after being threatened. Pratap Singh uses his high contacts and proves Raju and his goons innocent.

Mili’s family gets torn apart. Her sister-in-law gets mentally unstable while Mili is forced to turn into a prostitute to feed her family. But all along Mili finds a chance to take revenge and finally she finds one. The film will reveal how that happens and what happens after that.

The cast is almost a bunch of fresh faces and is consists of Payel, Saikat Das, Saniya, Sahil Hassan,  Sanat Das, Shome Mitra, Madhu Mitra Ghosh Amit Sengupta and Mantu. The director himself will portray a vital character in the film.

Sanjoy Das takes the credit for the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film. Amit Chettri is the cinematographer of the film while Abhijit Poddar is in charge of the editing. Arun Chakrabarty has been roped in as the art director while Ranjit Biswas will have his name in the credits as the makeup artist. Kaustav Sen Barat, the son of well known music director Kaustav Sen Barat will have his debut as music director through this film.