Kalicharan, after six rejections from producers finally made Subhash Ghai 'The Showman'; Thanks to N.N. Sippy's vision

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Mumbai, August 22 (Washington Bangla Radio): Subhash Ghai started his career in Hindi cinema as an actor with small roles in six films. He then decided to try his hand at making films. Kalicharan was his first attempt. The film's script was rejected by six producers till it finally came to N. N. Sippy. When Subhash Ghai narrated the story to Mr. Sippy, he liked it and invited Subhash Ghai to a party. There he took Subhash Ghai by surprise by introducing Ghai to everyone as the director of his new film Kalicharan. Mr Sippy was impressed by the way Subhash Ghai narrated the film to him and saw the first shades of the showman in Mr. Ghai.

Shatrughan Sinha and Reena Roy were selected to the play the lead characters. Both of them were looking for that first elusive hit. The film went on to become a blockbuster and catapulted Shatrughan Sinha and Reena Roy to stardom. Shatrughan Singha and Reena Roy became a leading pair and worked together on more than 15 films.

Ajit gained immortality with the line "Saara shehar mujhe loin ke naame se jaanta hai", which is emulated by Bollywood fans even today.

And Ghai had finally found his true calling. He was The Showman. The distinct one-liners, sharp cinematography, a well crafted narrative and rich themes became the strong points of Subhash Ghai films and earned him the title of the ‘Showman’.