Apache Indian back with rocking new Audio Music Album ‘It Is What It is’, Music already a hit with Mumbai crowd

Universal Music releases music album Apache

Mumbai, August 20 (Washington Bangla Radio): Apache Indian, the talented singer and performer, has just released his latest album ‘It Is What It is’ or ‘IiWiI’ on 19th August 2013. Apache performed in front of a sellout crowd in India during his promotional tour earlier this year. His album has been released by music giants Universal Music.

The album boasts of 12 songs and also features famous and talented singers like Raghav, Megan Nicoll, Taz, Amar and Jaya, to name a few. The album has been written, recorded and mixed by world famous producer Jim Beanz, who has earlier worked with superstars like Timbaland, Nelly Fatardo, Shakira, Pussy Cat Doll and Britney Spears. 

The talented singer has been busy juggling between his album, hosting his own TV show ‘REAL TALK’ for BRITASIA TV and recording for movies. Apache recently recorded a song and video titled ‘I AM THE KING’ for a British Asian film called ‘BORN TO BE KING’. He has also recorded a Telugu song titled ‘Run Run’ for a South Indian movie titled ‘Iddharamayiltho’ with Famous South Indian Music Producer, Devi Sri Prasad. 

Over the years, Universal Music has carved out a niche when it comes to understanding music and taste of people. They have been the first choice of music label when it comes to releasing big music albums. Universal Music are now releasing Apache Indian’s newest album and seeing his fan following the album is surely going to be a hit.

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