Audio Music Album of Bengali film Kaal Madhumas launched; Melodies from the nineties intelligently used

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN

beautiful kolkata tollywood actress Mimi

Kolkata, August 19 (Washington Bangla Radio): The music album of Kaal Madhumas was launched in a beautiful evening at Jamuna Banquets. The film which is based on the story of Sunil Das is creating quite an amount of interest among audience as it has an unconventional and interesting storyline.

Though two of the lead cast, i.e. leading lady Rimjhim Gupta and Arindam Sil could not attend the event, there was no dearth of glamour at the event and the cast and crew present made many picture perfect moments to capture and preserve. Director Prabir Roy was present with lead actor Sudip and others to brighten up the evening. Producer K.N Sharma, who also plays an important role in the film played the perfect host and left no stones unturned to treat the guests.

The entire music team was present to be part of the music album launch of the film which included music director Biplab Chakrabarty along with singers Sreeradha Banerjee, Prabal Mullick, Reshmi Chakrabarty and Dr. Sandip Chakrabarty. The whole cast, crew and team from production gathered on the stage to launch the music album which made a pretty picture. Though the whole team of ‘Kaal Madhumas’ was a bit difficult to be captured in one frame, the unity in the team was quite clear from the sight. The album of the film has five songs.  Songs like ‘Aaj Aami Je Sure Gai E Gaan’, ‘Tumi Thakle Paashe Dekho Akash Hashe’ are quite touchy and remind of the era of the early nineties. The guests and media present there were also given a sneak-peak into some parts of the film.

Actress Mimi Chakrabarty made a pleasant entry turning every camera towards her. She looked pretty as ever in a printed cobalt blue dress.

Director Prabir Roy is quite confident with the film and is pretty sure that the film will be appreciated for the contents. He hopes that the film passes with an unrestricted censor certificate though there are some steamy scenes which according to him have been shot very aesthetically without any element of vulgarism.

Producer K.N. Sharma is also very hopeful about the film and said that everyone has worked hard for the film and the audience will surely appreciate their hard work. The producer himself has taken up the charge of distributing the film himself and informed WBRi that the film will release on 13th September and will open up at over 20 theatres across the city.