Movie Review: Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara; A bad and not required sequel of the original

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Mumbai, August 16 (Washington Bangla Radio): Milan Luthria has churned out some wonderful films in past such as Kachche Dhaage, Deewar, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai and The Dirty Picture. But this time, He and his writer Rajat Arora seem to have launched into this project backed by Balaji Motion Pictures with a faith in their own brilliance but call it their over confidence they both allow the squishy love triangle to take center stage in this sequel.

Shohaib (Akshay Kumar) is now the ruling mafia king. His influence and power has spread right up to the Middle East today. Shoaib is now a flamboyant, suave man who is feared and revered. He only confidantes are his best friend Javed, who oversees his empire for him and his former lover Mumtaz (Sonali Bendre) who is now his closest friend.

He often visits the poor Muslim areas where he grew up and it is on one such visit that he meets Aslam (Imran Khan). He takes him under his wings and gradually Aslam becomes one of his favorites. Shohaib stumbles upon a young actress Yasmin (Sonakshi Sinha) so does Aslam both are immediately taken in by her freshness and beauty. Slowly, but surely his attraction towards Yasmin goes onto becoming an obsession. This creates a rift between Shoaib and Aslam and results in the ultimate showdown between the mentor and legacy.

new bollywood hindi movie

Akshay Kumar shines in the role of Shohaib. He is simply stunning. Sonakshi Sinha is beautiful and charming (No doubts), But given a poor film, She has a limited scope to perform and disappoints. Imran Khan is a perfect 'Mis-Cast' in this one. Why? Because Imran Khan is a face that looks good when he performs role that are Classy and Porche. Imran Khan doesn't at all looks like a Gangster. I have heard audiences whispering (In cinemas) "Gangsters in 80's looked Sissy?'.

Milan Luthria as i mentioned earlier, Tries to take you for a ride Big Time and delivers nothing but a film which you have seen several times. You wonder why he had to make such a bad sequel of the original which is not 20% of what you have seen in the original. The Music of the film is just okay and doesn't live in your brains for a longer period of time. The camera work and production value of the film is outstanding. But we go to the Cinema Halls to watch Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment (As repeated in one of Milan Luthria's earlier film The Dirty Picture). We don't enter a Cinema Hall to watch Paintings, Photography, Slick Edits etc.

Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara - Official Trailer | Akshay Kumar, Imran Khan, Sonakshi Sinha (You Tube)

Balaji Telefilms and Milan Luthria do nothing but successfully makes a fool out of you by showing you this film and en-cashing their brand. Please stay away from this one as i will not recommend this for a DVD view.

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