Shreyas Talpade voices opinion on current state of Independent India; We have an "illusion" of independence says Sreyas

Mumbai, August 16 (Washington Bangla radio): Shreyas, like crores of other Indians, is excited and waiting for 15th August, 2013. A midst his excitement and hope, he is also worried about the direction our country is heading in.

Speaking on the subject of independence, Shreyas stated "Are We really Independent..?? What we think we have, is an "illusion" of independence. We as citizens have elected some people to represent our interests but more often than not, I feel thoroughly misrepresented. Our establishment has disappointed its people and all we do is read about it in newspapers and scream on twitter, which of course is falling on deaf ears. If our status in the country can be called FREEDOM, then I think the word freedom by itself needs to be redefined"

Shreyas’s next venture, Wah Taj also revolves around the same subject line. It is about one man who takes a stand, with a belief that “just because you are alone, it does not mean you can’t fight the system”. The film treats the subject on a light note. Shreyas is playing a Maharashtrian in the film after four years.

On a related note, sources close to the actor say that the Marathi Manoos, Shreyas, will be producing and possibly starring in a Marathi film.