Bengali Counter-Culture Film-Maker Q’s "Tasher Desh" unveiled in Kolkata; A movie on On ideas, revolution and change

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

new international bangla movie tasher Desh

Kolkata, August 13 (Washington Bangla Radio): The campaign of Q’s film Tasher Desh took place recently at Akar Prakar Art Gallery. The event turned to be one informative session with the director, music director and the cast of the film sharing their experiences on the making of the film. Tanaji, Joyraj, Rii, Q, Neel Adhikari, Arijit Dutta, Dipankar Jojo Chaki and Celine Loop engaged in a candid and open discussion with the assembled media and guests.

The entry of the cast and crew of the film was dramatic. People dressed as the characters of the film paraded first and then entered Q with the rest of the team. The story of the film is based on Rabindranth Tagore’s play Tasher Desh. The story is about how the Ace of Hearts rebels against the sacred rules of the land. With active inspiration from the prince and the friend, she begins a whisper campaign which ultimately leads to the planning of the overthrow of the regime. “This is a classic text. What is different in Tasher Desh is that Tagore tries to attempt fantasy for the first time; he mixes utopian romantic sensibilities with a modernistic approach in the three act structure” said Q. The director, who had been struck with the colors and the songs of the film as a child, had decided it around twelve years back to make a film on this play. Describing it as a “gold mine”, the director felt that the text had different interpretations for him as he grew up. When he read the play at the age of fourteen, the interpretation was different from what he felt at eighteen. This has always undergone a change.

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Rii who plays the role of Horotoni looked sexy and beautiful. In the big nerdy glasses, the collared blouse and the sky blue sari, she exuded style. “I have been working with Q since 2003. The kind of roles that he has given me has challenged my capabilities as an actress. In his films, I am not used as a showpiece who is meant to serve as a eye pleasing toy for the opposite sex. Rather my capabilities as an actress have been used to the fullest. This is the reason why I have stayed away from the mainstream commercial films. The directors lack the courage to portray me in their films” said Rii.

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Joyraj who plays the role of the story teller in the film, felt that working with Q is a more engaging enterprise. One does not simply go and act in his films. One gets to learn about the aspects of film making. Since the budget of the film is low, the actor also had to bring Idlis for the director when he was not busy giving shots. This made the experience more memorable. On the sets of the films made by Q, the actor felt that everyone worked as “integrated art practitioners” rather than as director, actor, cameraman and so on.

movie on Rabindranath play Tasher Desh

Music which is one of the most important aspects of the play has been given equal importance in the film. Neel Adhikari, the music director of the film, present at the occasion said that he had used eighteen songs in the film. Tagore however had used twenty three songs in the play. The international collaboration is visible on the music front too. Musicians from Bangladesh, UK, Belgium and other countries have worked on this film. Some of the names include Sam Mills, Mainak Nag Chaudhuri, Tanmoy Bose, Susheela Rahman, Seth Blumberg and many others. “The film is about change, revolution and I feel music can bring the biggest change” said Neel.

Bengali music director five little indians Neel

Tasher Desh is an international co-production. It is produced by NFDC (National Film Development Corporation Ltd), Overdose Joint, Dream Digital Inc,, Entre Chien et Loup and AKFPL. One of the best things about this co-production, according to Q is, it will lead to experimentation. Directors will not have to think so much about the box office and can rather focus on the film making.

Rabindranath play Tasher Desh

The world premiere of the film was done in the year 2012 at the Rome Film Festival. It is slated for release in Kolkata on the 23rd of August across ten screens in the city.