New Audio Music Album Launch: Aachol bhora phool” and “Nobo chonchol chonde by Monita Ghosh; Tollywood actress Locket Chatterjee

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

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Kolkata, August 12 (Washington Bangla Radio): Music is her soul and is the source of her strength. It is with the help of this music that she continues to fight the mal- effects of the life threatening disease that she is suffering from. Monita Ghosh is a living example of this ideology. It is with music therapy that she continues to overcome the side effects of cancer that she suffers from. Songs of Tagore and Nazrul are her sources of strength. Two of her albums “Aachol bhora phool” and “Nobo chonchol chonde” was released at Press Club. Present at the album launch was eminent Tollywood actress Locket Chatterjee. 

Dressed in a black and red embroidered full sleeves red dress, Locket Chatterjee looked beautiful. Locket Chatterjee was impressed with the confidence and the mental strength shown by Monita Ghosh. “Whenever someone is affected by a life threatening disease like cancer, the individual becomes demoralized and loses hope. But Monita Ghosh is an inspiration for all of us. One must not be demoralized at the small or big hurdles in one’s life. This has been proved aptly by Monita Ghosh. I have gone to many inaugural ceremonies but this one is truly special. I wish her all the very best and I pray that she overcomes her health problems quickly” said Locket. The actress whose last film Oh! Henry received mixed response from the audience is busy shooting for films “Eki Labonye” and “Hit Roni Hit”. 

WBRI correspondent spoke to Monita Ghosh about her passion for music and using this passion to overcome the threats of the disease that she is a victim of. “I have tried my best to use the Hawaiian guitar to the fullest potential and do justice to the songs of Tagore and Nazrul Islam that I have used in the two albums. Devotional, patriotic, folk songs are some of the genres which I have tried to explore using this musical instrument” said the artist. Monita mentioned the fact that having adequate sources was very necessary in recent times to prosper in the musical industry. The artist often feels that she will stop playing the guitar. However her love for music overpowers her and she continues playing it. 

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The two albums have nine songs each. Monita performed some of the songs like “Tomar khola haowa”, “Darie acho tumi”, “Saono raat e Jodi”, “Pagla haowar badol dine” for the assembled guests and audience. She kept the audience mesmerized with the performance. The best thing about the songs is that no changes have been done to the songs. They have been presented in their original forms. “I have tried to keep the basic essence of the songs. Tampering with the songs will not be taken in a good way by many people. Hence the songs have been composed in the way the people are used to hearing them” said Monita Ghosh.

Monita Ghosh is a fighter. We just hope she continues her fight against the deadly disease and emerges victorious.