Audio: Shahrukh Khan Kolkata Interview- Chennai Express, Surrogacy, and the Brand Ambassador duties (WBRi Exclusive)

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN

Kolkata, August 9 (Washington Bangla Radio):  He came, he danced, and he spoke and re-conquered. Shah Rukh Khan came to the City of Joy before the release of his latest film ‘Chennai Express’ and won the heart of the millions of his fans who waited hours to catch him live in action in front of City Centre 2.

After a power packed performance full of action, interactions and all form of expressions King Khan looked very little tired when he arrived to interact with the media in a closed door press conference organized inside the Multiplex at the same venue.

Shah Rukh’s co-star Deepika could not arrive for the Kolkata Promotion and was sorely missed. Queries about her absence poured in as soon as Shah Rukh entered the venue proved that. Shah Rukh said that Deepika was busy with the shooting of Ram Leela and had to skip the tour.

About the film Shah Rukh said, “It is basically a funny film and can be watched with the entire family. Like every film of Rohit, this film also has everything and you will find action, comedy and romance. A very sweet romance will be seen throughout the film. There is also action and if there is no action in Rohit Shetty’’s film, things will be unusual. There are two action sequences, one of them is intent and another one is funny. Overall the film is full of comic elements and everyone will have a good laugh while watching it.”

WBRi took the opportunity of the press conference to ask Shah Rukh Khan that if Deepika’s south Indian origin was a factor behind getting her casted in the film.  The actor replied that he and the director Rohit Shetty positively wanted an actress who had the knowledge of south Indian mannerism for the role. And Deepika suited that perfectly.

Shah Rukh was asked why in spite of being the Brand Ambassador of Bengal, he does not spend much time in Kolkata. The Badshaah of Bollywood replied that the main job of Bengal’s Brand Ambassador is to spread good words about Bengal and Kolkata around the world and to do that he has to remain outside Kolkata. He also told that the life of actors is very busy and hectic and he hardly gets any leisure time. He also said that the promotion is just an excuse and he wanted to come back to the city for the love for it. Shah Rukh was also asked why he is not planning to shoot any of his films in Kolkata when so many other ventures of Bollywood are being shot in and around the city. SRK said that scheduling any film in the city just did not happened and he would definitely like to shoot in the city as it will give him the opportunity to spend more time in the city which he considers as his second home.”

The superstar was also asked about his take on the rising rate of atrocities on women which has placed Bengal on top of the list in crime against women. SRK told that this is not the problem of Bengal alone but of the whole world. “Whenever I speak to my teenage son about girls, it is not that I ask him about how many girlfriends he has or how he is going on with them. I rather tell him that if he is involved or even tolerates in any kind of atrocities on women his parents are not going to pardon him ever for that. I think counseling of this kind should begin at home and if we can do it, it will reduce the crime rate against women.”

WBRi also asked Shah Rukh about the ‘Chennai Express Game’ about which his excitement was quite clear from one of his tweets where he mentioned it to be a difficult.  The actor who is very addicted to games revealed that the game is really a difficult one. “One gets five thousand coins in the game if he or she can clear the first stag which is to get Deepika on the ‘Chennai Express’. Though I am a hardcore gamer I could collect only a few hundred coins.”

Though less coins he have gained from the game ‘Chennai Express game’, ‘Chennai Express movie is all set to rake in millions as it opens in a record number of 3500 plus screens on the auspicious day of Eid.

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