Movie Preview: A bold new Kolkata Bangla Movie on casting couch; Sexual abuse of young struggling male artists highlighted

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN

Kolkata, August 6 (Washington Bangla Radio): It is a very common fact that the the progeny of Cine stars would step into film Industry and keeping the trend intact Shawn Banerjee, the grandson of the legendary Bengali actress Supriya Devi is stepping into the industry. Shawn is debuting with the film ‘Unishe April’ which is being directed by Ranadeep Sarkar, another debutant.

‘Unishe April’ deals with the suppressed issue of exploitation of males in the film industry and other domains of high society. The film has three protagonists played by Shawn Banerjee, Pranjal Sarkar and Ranadeep Banerjee.

Debutant Shawn Banerjee will be seen in the role of an aspiring young actor who is in search of a good role to play in the Kolkata Bengali film Industry but does get a break after much struggle. He finds himself on the same page with the often spoken stories of exploitation of girls in the glamour world. Shawn’s character too faces the dark side of casting policy which is more commonly known as casting couch. Though initially he was unwilling to go for  any kind of unethical practice and tried to achieve success with his talent he eventually finds that ethics are little valued in the harsh industry.

Shawn, at last has to agree to the elderly male producer’s demand of having sex with him.

Kolkata Bangla Movie on sexual abuse

Pranjal’s character, another protagonist of the film comes from a very disturbing background. His mother is a prostitute.  He has been brought up in a very immoral environment and even the society sees him as an outcast. He has no other option for income but to turn into a Gigolo, i.e. a male prostitute.

casting couch kolkata tollywood film industry

The third protagonist, i.e. Ranjit plays the role of a transgender who works as a costume designer in the film industry. Being a transgender never makes one easily acceptable to society and Ranajit is even neglected from his family. His life falters in every dimension , whether at work or personal relation with his boyfriend.

The story starts with the path of these three characters coming to a cross road on a dark night. Ranadip is raped by a group of men and is left tattered on the deserted road. Incidentally or rather co-incidentally Shawn and Pranjal arrive on the scene. Shawn was returning home after having satisfying the producer on bed while Pranjal was returning after doing the same with his lady clients.

The film actually depicts the story of one night when the three of them share their own story with each other.

Malobika Banerjee, another rising star of the industry will be seen as the female lead. She is playing the role of Shawn’s girlfriend. She too would be seen to be exploited sexually when her boss made her do so.

Apart from the youngsters, veteran actor Biswanath Chakrabarty is going to play the role of the gay producer and Shawn and he will be seen in a lot of bed scenes. Seasoned Actress Devika Mukherjee plays the role of Pranjal’s prostitute mother. Veteran acting Powerhouse Manoj Mitra nd Supriya Devi will also be playing important roles in the movie.

Produced by Vibgyor Creations , ‘Unishe April’ will surely set the screens on fire with its bold theme, something very real in the film industry.