Kiran Bedi and Rituparna Sengupta promote Calapor in Kolkata; Kiran hopeful about this new Bollywood Hindi Movie

By Sayanti Ghosh / WBRINN
Kolkata bengali hollywood actress Rituparna

Kolkata, August 5 (Washington Bangla Radio): ‘Prasad Creations’ marked debut production Hindi feature film ‘Calapor’, which is directed by Dinesh. P. Bhonsle. Recently it held its Kolkata promotion at the Park Hotel. Ex-IPS Officer and Fire brand Social Activist Kiran Bedi embellished the venue with her presence.  For Dinesh Bhonsle, it is his first Hindi film. Before this, he had made one Marathi movie, which was critically acclaimed.

The film stars Rituparna Sengupta, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Raghubir Yadav, Harsh Chhaya, Binny Sharma, P. Subbaraju, Aziz Naseer. This film is also going to introduce Aakash Sharma. R. Mihir Vardhan has prepared the story, while Music composing and Cinematrography has been done by Mahesh Aney and Arjuna Harijai respectively. A. Durga Prasad has produced the film under his banner of ‘Prasad Creations’. “When Dinesh told me about the story, I was very impressed with the subject. Rituparna Ji acted very well in the film and thanks to Kiran Bedi; without her it won’t be possible for us to promote this kind of social message”, said the producer at the promotion.

‘Calapor’ is a film about ‘Reformation’ in jail. The storyline goes like this: Jyotsna, who is an artiste, arrives at Calapor Central Jail with her assistant Ragini to conduct a cultural program involving the prisoners. There she faces a very sincere and committed reformist Jails Superintend Karunakar. On the other hand, the film reveals a story of a woman who has been cheated by her husband and he returns to excruciate her. Here begins Jyotsna’s confrontation with her life. The film also portrays how Jyotsna as a single parent brings up her child amidst all the odds.

Kolkata bengali hollywood actress Rituparna

Rituparna Sengupta along with the director, producer, social activist Renu Roy, eminent director Raja Sen, Rahul Barman, Sandip Bhutoria and many other dignitaries enlightened the event. The event started after all of them were greeted with flowers. Dinesh’s little daughter Ramaiya presented the flower bouquet to her father which made a pretty cute scene. Rituparna Sengupta and Sandip Bhutoria presented a scarf to Kiran Bedi as a symbol of honor and the scarf was specially designed by ‘Sarbaritatto’ for the do. The show began with the screening of the trailer and the making of the film. Rituparna was delighted with Kiran Bedi’s support and presence. “It really makes a difference as Kiran maam has come here to promote for our film. I am also obliged to Dinesh and Prasad Ji. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a good producer for a good film and a good subject. In the past few years, I have been working on films with relevant subjects that enable people to think positively and I am sure that Calapor will add more to the purpose”, said the Bengali Diva. According to Rituparna, Kiran Bedi had watched the movie in Delhi and gave very good comments about it.

Kolkata bengali hollywood actress Rituparna

The movie is set in the backdrop of a jail. It has been shot in a real jail in Goa. The base subject of ‘Calapor’ is similar to as the Bengali movie ‘Muktodhara’ , directed by Shiboprasad and Nandita Ray but according to Rituparna, the film has no resemblance with ‘Muktodhara’; rather its mood and make up is completely different.

Incidentally Kiran Bedi was the Inspector General in Tihar Jail, Delhi between 1993-1995. She initiated a number of reforms and detoxification programs that included ‘Art Of Living Foundation’,’ Prison courses’ as well as ‘literary programs’ in the prison for which she has been bestowed the ‘Ramon Magsaysay’ and ‘Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship Award’ in 1994. She was also honored with the degree of Doctor of Law in recognition of her ‘humanitarian approach to prison reforms and policing’. “I have come to promote this film as it is about the spirit with which I lived. After I left Tihar Jail, I used to run a program in Tihar and even in Haryana Jail on ‘Education of Prisoner’s Children’. The film showed the prison reform in a matured manner while disclosing social evils. The confrontation lies between the evils and strength of the society. The film embraces this issue in a light, entertaining, humane and matured way because at the end the message is very positive”, said Kiran Bedi.

She told the media that prison inside the iron gate is a city in itself and if it does not get all that it requires, and then it would become a decaying, violent, crime prone and disturbed city. On the other hand, if proper work is done on the same city, then it would transform into a reformative city, while the prisoners would be its citizens who will always be on the path of betterment. “This is all the film is based on. This is a golden film. It is about the 3Ps, i.e. the politicians, the public servant and the people (Ngo/Communities) and wherever these 3Ps come together, reform will happen anywhere and anytime”, she said.  The mighty woman even urged Goa’s Government to make this film ‘tax free’ as this will spread people’s reform and coming together of the 3Ps.