Review, Poster, Picture: Latest Romantic Kolkata Bangla Movie Manaspriya, Rajatava Dutta at his usual Best

By Sayanti Ghosh / WBRINN

Romantic Kolkata Bangla Movie

Kolkata, August 5 (Washington Bangla Radio): After earning a lot of praise for his performance for ‘Nodi Re Tui’ the young actor Abhiraj along with Pamela and Rajatava Dutta, worked with another debut director, Anjan Ganguly in the film ‘Manaspriya’ for which Saktipada Rajguru prepared the story and screenplay and Bappa Chatterjee gave the music. Prachi Cinema Hall in Sealdah witnessed the premiere of the film where the cast and crew were present in full form. The cast included Pamela, who got married just a few days ago, Bappa Chatterjee, the director himself, singer Rahul and Emon.

‘Manaspriya’ is a love story of a couple who had both been orphaned quite early in life. Both of them do not have anyone close to their heart except each other. Manas arrives at Kolkata in search of job. Here he meets Mrs Peter and shares an affectionate bond with her. Mrs. Peter supports Manas in every possible way she can and asks for nothing in return except “ekdin hisaab barabar ho jayega”. Mrs. Peter had a motherly feeling towards Manas since her son, who died years back, looked exactly like him. However, life cannot run so smoothly. Manas and Priya are exposed to several problems regarding their relationship, which eventually had a happy ending.  

Rajatabha played the negative role in the film. He is always good with his work. Abhiraj was well enough in the character of ‘Manas’. His style presentation was also attention grabbing but somewhere his character was a little confusing. A village boy on his very first visit to Kolkata showed courage and intelligence on the first day of his college. He fought like a hero with 5 to 6 boys alone to protect his beloved from them. The same valiant boy found to stand still, doing nothing and crying when Priya’s family forcefully took her with them. Pamela could have done better though.

poster beautiful bengali heroine Pamela

Perhaps, some comic elements in the film roared up the theatre with laughter. As a whole, the story was nice but could have been more persuasive emotionally as well as romantically.

‘Manaspriya’ could be technically stronger. Loud background score and asynchronous sound during the song sequence was a bit disturbing.

The music was melodious and suitable according to the sequence of the film. “I was asked to do something with the music that touches the heart of the audience”, said Bappa Chatterjee. Rahul sung the song ‘Jhiri Jhiri Brishti Jhore’ beautifully and this is his first play back singing after returning from a reality show.