Vir Das is being called India’s face of comedy; History of India 'Vir'itten’ still reports packed auditoriums

Bollywood Hindi Movie Hero Vir Das

Mumbai, August 4 (Washington Bangla Radio): Vir Das doesn't need an introduction. The talented actor and stand-up comedian, best known for his stand up acts around the world, has his plate full nowadays.

Vir has certainly become India’s face of comedy. After a series of housefull performances, the play ‘History of India 'Vir'itten’ still runs to packed auditoriums. It has been crowned the largest selling comedy show ever.  The play focuses on the history of India, but with a pinch of salt. Audiences and critics have loved this act of his and showered him with praises. The comedian meanwhile has locked himself behind closed doors to write his latest show which will debut in's a crazy follow up to the HOI experience. 

Natural wit and spontaneity have been key to his success. Just last week, One of India's leading newspapers called Vir ‘The king of Indian comedy’, while the other declared him an icon. The multi-talented actor is also a part of 'Alien Chutney', India's premiere comedy-rock band. Alien Chutney is planning an all India tour really soon.

The actor Vir Das, who received rave reviews for his role in Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Go Goa Gone’, will be seen in iRock’s next film titled 'Saxxx ki'.