Irrfan Khan appreciated for his high octane action thriller ‘D-Day’ by critics and fans alike

Bollywood hero Irfan Khan

Mumbai, August 3rd (Washington Bangla Radio): Irrfan, the actor who manages to leave an impact every time he is on-screen, has garnered rave reviews for his performance in the recently released high octane action thriller ‘D-Day’. The movie has worked its magic on the Box Office.

Audiences and critics, alike, have loved Irrfan’s character in the movie. He essays the central role, and the entire movie revolves around him. The social networking platform, Twitter, is abuzz with appreciation for him. One of his fans tweeted, “Irrfan is a celluloid chameleon. He is fab as Wali. From being an emotional father 2 d strongest player he transforms effortlessly. @irrfan_k steals the show.”

Apart from Bollywood, Irrfan has made a mark on the international film circuit too, with his work in successful Hollywood movies such ‘Life of Pi’, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘The Namesake’.