Chitrangada is not a biographical movie - Rituparno Ghosh | Jishu Sengupta & Rituparno on Chitrangada (2012) Bangla film

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Chitrangada is not a biographical film, and attempting to find correspondence between Rituparno Ghosh the person and his film's character will be a grave mistake, explains the ace actor and film-maker about his latest film. He reveals his character Rudra's utilization of stage space during live performances for his mental space in expressing or communicating in ways that are difficult in real life. The actor and film maker also talks about the production falling into a rhythm easily and the physicality (not sexuality) of the shooting experience with Jishu.

Chitrangada is the fifth Bengali movie that Jishu Sengupta has acted in under the direction of Rituparno Ghosh. Bringing in a lighter note to the otherwise very serious press conference for Chitrangada, Jishu expresses his sense of accomplishment in the fact that Chitrangada marks his first Rituparno Ghosh film in which he could please the ace director without having had to be admonished, beat up, punished or spoken to via an intermediary.

Jishu also believes Chitrangada showcases the acting prowess of Rituparno Sengupta as never before. He shares some more trivia from the shooting of Chitrangada, like when shots involving Rituparno and him were being taken, they would regularly walk off the field of view of the camera. Jishu would then ask DoP Avik Mukhopadhyay what lens the latter was using, and be promptly told to concentrate on his acting and not worry about lenses while the DoP would try to give them as large a space to walk around as he can.

The video was recorded at a press conference in a very dark room at Hotel Hindusthan International, Kolkata on Aug 24.