"Sonakshi Sinha is little fat, but it is not her mistake"

By S.B.Sharma

Sonakshi Sinha and Vindu Dara Singh in Akshay Kumar Indian Bollywood Hindi Movie

Mumbai, Aug 25, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Akshay Kumar - Sonakshi Sinha starrer new Indian Bollywood Hind Movie Joker (2012) has a release date of next week and Vindu Dara Singh is playing the role of 'Shundi' in the movie,

The role is a good role and is of the friend of the movie's hero Akshay Kumar. Vindu reminiscences many funny movements during the shooting.

Akshay Kumar made a gym on the movie sets and made everyone work out. Once while Akshay Kumar, Vindu and Sonakshi Sinha were travelling on a scooter to the sets, they had to stop due to a herd of goat.

Akshay took one goat and threw it to Sonakshi and it was caught on camera by Vindu. It was published in many papers, but the scene is not a part of the movie.

In leisure time they played cricket, football and scrabble or just pulled one another’s legs.

When asked about Sonakshi, Vindu Dara Singh says "Sonakshi is little fat, but it is not her mistake. Her mother makes tasty food and people lick their fingers. Akshay used to often say that Sonakshi's mother should make the food. Sonakshi's mom made Sarson ka sag, fish is sarsoan ka tel and paye ka soup many times. We used to often joke that Sonakshi should not be fed with such good food. Sonakshi's family is good and we all live like a family."

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