Brahmanaad - Indian Folk Rock Classical Fusion Band from Delhi

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Kolkata-based Indian Folk / Classical - Western Fusion Music Group Brahma NaadBrahmanaad are a four-member fusion band from New Delhi established in 2007. The band competed with around 20 others and won the "Real Rockstar" contest in 2011 organized by PVR pictures to promote their Ranbir Kapoor - Nargis Fakhri starrer Bollywood film Rockstar (2011). The contest was judged by Imtiaz Ali, director of the blockbuster Hindi movie.

The Hindustan Times, a popular Indian daily, describes the music of Brahmanaad in an article published in December 2011 as fusion of folk, rock and classical. They are strong in experimenting with different percussion instruments and emphasizing classical vocals.

Ananda Shankar's brilliant Sagar from his self-titled album invented the genre of Indian Classical - Western fusion and remains one of the icons of the genre. It is encouraging to see aspiring youngsters continue the tradition of experimenting with the genre with endless possibilities.

Brahmanaad are:

Niloy Ghosh Dastidar  – Bass and Vocals

Niloy Ghosh Dastidar - Brahmanaad

A person who has been passionate about good folk music from not only India but from all around the world and does not believe in limiting himself in terms of music rules as per in the theories.

Shrehans Khurana – Drums, Darbuka, Keys, Gabgubi and Vocals

Shrehans Khurana - Brahmanaad

The guy who has been so versatile that he can play almost any instrument given to him, believing the fact that “one can do something decent with any instrument if he or she takes it seriously”.

Pronay Roy –  Guitars and Vocals

Pronoy Roy - Brahmanaad

Pronay is a true metal head but one it comes down to composing his guitar pieces, he can show the west his perspective of guitar tunes and how unimaginative it can get to them

Sarthak Pahwa –  Tabla, Matka, Shri Khol, khanjani, Djembe, Dholak, Dhol, Ghungru, shakers and Vocals

Sarthak Pahwa - Brahmanaad

Having his hands on the most number of percussion instruments in the band, he never underplays any one of them, the most fun loving and stage interactive member of the band can just do about anything when he is performing.

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