German Actress Claudia Ciesla in not averse to Item Numbers in Bollywood Films

Claudia CieslaMumbai, August 20, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Nautanki and Lavani, the rich traditional folk dances are creating ripples in the Indian cinema. Even an accomplished actress like Vidya Balan could not resist herself from shaking legs to the thaskas of Lavni and Shilpa Shetty’s thumkas on the “UP-Bihar” song are still fresh in our memories. Claudia Ciesla is amongst the many that enjoy these dances and have danced to the tunes of these songs for her shows.

Claudia beams, “My latest favorite item songs being Jalebi Bai, Mala Jau de, Chikni Chameli. Vidya has performed exceptionally well in Mala Jau de, her adas are killer. And Katrina Kaif too was splendid in Chikni Chameli.”

Experts believe that firangi skin suits well on the spicy Indian item numbers. And Claudia too agrees with it, “That’s very true Babuji jara dhire chalo is still a huge hit amongst the audience.”

So does that mean Claudia is open to doing such item numbers? “I sure am!” she winks. “I have always been passionate about dancing. Music and dancing are an inseparable part of my life. And I would love to do an item number, provided it’s in the films made by a good production houses with able choreographer!”

Choreographers who have worked with Claudia vouch for her. She would be better than any Indian item girl as her flexible body and sense of music and rhythm is important for such dancing, they agree.

‘Guess it’s high time that we get to see Claudia on the silver screen, doing an item number and shaking her hips to the desi beats.


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