Interview: Sudeshna Roy, Co-Director, Bengali Movie BAPI BARI JAA (2012) - A Film About Today's Youth

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Kolkata, Aug 19, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Prosenjit Chatterjee had an idea of making a Bengali film with six young and new actors. Sri Venkatesh Films subsequently decided to take it up as well, and requested director-duo Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha to work on a script and eventually direct the film. Noted Tollywood Kolkata Bengali movie script-writer Padmanava Dasgupta was then brought in, and over much brainstorming by the three, the script and story of Bapi Bari Ja began to take shape.

Bapi Bari Jaa is a film about today's boys and girls and how they feel about various things in their lives - their morals, aspirations, love and pain.

Bapi Bari Ja is also a film for parents of modern urban Bengali youth. Parents often do not understand the changes their children, and society in general, are going through, often times resulting in conflicts attributed to "generation gap".

One young man in the film has everything - money, friends, popularity - except a girl to love and be loved by. There is another young man who has a no problem finding girls but cannot sustain any relationship for long. There is yet another youngster who finds a girl but does not know how to communicate with her, and ropes in the guy with no girls for help!

Bapi Baari Jaa is also a love story, but with no set pattern or simple love triangles. "It is more complicated than that", says Sudeshna Roy in this short interview recorded at a "first-look" event in Kolkata where the film's unit and well-wishers unveiled the posters.

Shalmi Burman, Tista Dutta, Pamela, Dhruvo Lal, Anindo Chatterjee
Young New Tollywood Actors in Bapi Bari Jaa - Shalmi Burman (left), Tista Dutta, Pamela, Dhruvo Lal, Anindo Chatterjee

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