SHOOTER (2012) WBRi Bengali Movie Review: Joy Mukherjee and Sayantika Banerjee's Performances Okay in Action Film

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Kolkata, August 17 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) Srishti Entertainment 2010 and Umapathi Films Private Limited have combined to produce the latest Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bangla action movie, Shooter. The story of the movie is written by Provash and Arijit, who are also the directors of this film. The premiere of Shooter took place on Thursday, the 16th of August, in the presence of the cast and crew members.

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The film revolves round the character of Dibya, his childhood and his journey that makes him the don Deva of Kolkata. The story of the film shows the village Palashpur and the epidemic that broke out there because the labour union leader Abani Haldar had mixed poison in the water of the ponds of the village which caused the death of 30 to 40 villagers each day. The school teacher, Tarok Master, who is the father of Dibya, comes to know about the conspiracy against the villagers but is killed by Haldar and his goons. Dibya remains the sole witness of the murder and manages to flee to Siliguri. He comes back to Kolkata after he grows up and gradually becomes the Don named Dibya.

Though a Don, Dibya / Deva always helps the poor and the needy and has a soft corner for them. This involves him in doing some social works and that is how he meets Megha. The two, in true filmi style, quickly fall in love with each other. Megha is shown as the daughter of the Police Commissioner and a social worker, who is not aware about Deva’s underworld empire and Deva on the other hand has no idea that his sweetheart is the daughter of the top cop intent on arresting him.

The police commissioner delegates the task of netting Deva to a young inspector Surjo, son of a friend and with preferred future son-in-law.

Is Deva able to get back at Abani Halder ? Does his romance with Megha lead anywhere ? Does he end up in incarcerate ? Watch the film to find out.

Joy Mukherjee plays the role of Dibya who later turns into Deva, Sayantika does the role of Megha, Asish Vidyarthi and Amitava Bhattacharya essay the characters of Abani Haldar and Inspector Surjo respectively and Santana Basu plays the role of the mother of Sayantika. The new Actress Dipannita essays the important character of Roshni.

Asish Vidyarthi is expectedly spectacular. The other actors have put in reasonable efforts but need to do better in order to attract more people to their films and take a good shot at the box-office. The plot of the story is weak and predictable - grabbing and sustaining audience attention is going to be a challenge. Some songs in the film were inserted desperately without there being any use or need for them. In spite of all, the film is likely to do average business at the box office – mainly due to the sincere efforts of the lead pair Joy and Sayantika.

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