Teri Meri love Stories: Chura Lo Kuch Pal Pyar Ke with STAR Plus

Mumbai, Aug 11, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Living at the speed of life in a metro in 2012, ushers more than the usual amount of needs. This starts the never ending strive for achievements, validations and opulence. With deadlines and targets thickening, your love life can end up on the back-burner. Common human thought-process often leads us to take our love or loved ones for granted, thus beginning a battle that engulfs romance and career. Its times like these that need another shot in the arm to rediscover love, rekindling quiescent love to ensure that love finds its rightful place amidst the fast-paced lifestyle in an urban city.

Teri Meri Love Stories will portray gripping stories of people who knowingly or unknowingly surrender to the pressures of life and can’t help but let love take a back seat, and the realization that comes with small incidents that help rekindle them, knocks on their inner eye, making them realise their love once again. 11th August onwards, Teri Meri Love Stories will air on STAR Plus every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.

TMLS is a collection of one and a half hour films which are based in urban India. Through these riveting portrayals, each film will unravel a different facet of love, where circumstantial challenges of a fast-paced metro life, high pressure jobs and other issues are overpowering, and highlight that rediscovering love in one’s life is indeed the biggest ever victory and joy. The protagonists of each story are at various life stages and this adds multiple dimensions to the meaning of love. Well known directors are coming together to showcase their perspective on various angles of love.

Nachiket Pantvaidya, GM, STAR Plus says, “We are proud to present a unique story telling concept with our latest show – Teri Meri Love Stories. In sync with our philosophy ‘Rishta Wohi Soch Nayi’, Teri Meri Love Stories will give the audience an entirely fresh perspective on relationships. At STAR Plus we stand committed towards providing our audience with content that is novel and relatable. Teri Meri Love Stories is a depiction of what any relationship goes through in today’s time and we are optimistic that it will strike a chord with viewers across demographics”

Celebrate romance with TERI MERI LOVE STORIES premiering on STAR Plus on 11th August, 9pm.

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