Movie Review: EK THA TIGER (2012) Salman Khan, the only "Sher" (Tiger) among Bollywood Khans roars again

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Action still from Ek Tha Tiger"Ek Tha Tiger" is a a definite action thriller (with a little romance thrown in for that oozy feeling!) which tells the story of a Trinity College scientist suspected of selling missile technology secrets to Pakistan. The Indian government sends a secret agent, codenamed Tiger (Salman Khan), to find out about the professor's activities. Tiger falls in love with the professor's caretaker Zoya (Katrina Kaif) who is studying at a fictional dance academy located at TCD, and together they embark on a roller-coaster journey that takes them from Dublin in Ireland the IRA Country of Jack Higgins to Istanbul (Who can forget the 1965 thriller - "The Man is Istanbul" released in Lighthouse, Calcutta starring Horst Buchholz and Klaus Kinski? Or the Ramanand Sagar spy thriller "Aankhen" in 1968, a one of kind film in those days...)  then to Kazakhstan and Chile in South America. Stunts (Action) by Brahim Achabbake, Lee Adamson and James Bamford simple glues the viewers to the seat and makes him gasp for air in tension!


As a R&AW (Research & Analysis Wing) spy, Tiger is having a time of his life going on mission after mission, all over the world, funded by the Indian government. There aren’t many things he’s passionate about. There’s only his country and much later a girl called Zoya (Katrina Kaif) he falls in love with. When loyalty to one’s country beckons and an impossible love opportunity threatens to pass up, Tiger and Zoya have to make a choice, one that could pit them against each other.

"Ek Tha Tiger" is an action lover’s paradise. Seconds into the film, when you’ve not even settled well in your seat, there’s cigarette ash settling down on screen in slow motion. Tiger has just thrown his first kick, a signal of his arrival. Not to mention the theatre erupts in applause and mirth seeing their favorite Sallu Bhai, the TIGER among all the Khans in Bollywood really (after Dabangg, Ready and Bodyguard) in his full splendor pounding the villains with numerous kicks, jumps, punches and blazing guns.Many Firearms shots follow in a soiled, yet beautifully shot Iraq. When Tiger isn’t travelling, he’s busy making neighbors jealous and suspicious of his profession. Then he punches some more, with blood flying,  so we know all’s well with the world.

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Even though Salman’s screen presence tends to overshadow even the strongest actor, Katrina stands her ground. She manages to impress effortlessly. Girish Karnad’s act seems a bit artificial (he was always annoying at least to me with his typical mannerisms from the days of Basu Chatterjee's "SWAMI" released in 1977), while I think Ranvir Shorey deserved more screen time. As 'Gopi', Ranvir does a good job!


Aseem Mishra’s cinematography makes even the dirtiest streets look good. Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, Cuba’s street culture, Dublin’s Trinity College, everything is shot beautifully which definitely adds to the production value. Then there are some of the best (and long) chase and action sequences, choreographed by Hollywood’s Conrad Palmisano, that keep you hooked till the end. Director Kabir Khan's movies like "Kabul Express" or "New York" have always offered a flavor which is so common in films of 'substance', here, "Ek Tha Tiger" is no exception, though one may find poor star ratings and somewhat 'downhill' reviews of this movie in quite a few much visited blogs and periodicals website, this movie is very entertainign, well made and I personally feel that I will watch it again, and very soon.

Coming back to the technical discussion abou the film, I must say that Rameshwar S Bhagat’s editing is sharp and manages to maintain a consistent pace throughout The music which has a lot of Arabic influences which adjoin to the experience of watching Salman in superb action. Too many songs slows down the fast-paced narrative, and filmmakers should make it a "rule of the thumb" that they’ll never incorporate songs (whatever the demand may be) in a thriller. Imagine Jason Bourne singing a romantic number with his love interest Franka Potente on the beaches of Goa, in his second film "The Bourne Supremacy" -  The Director Paul Greengrass of the second and third films about Bourne will surely faint if he reads my article suggesting Bourne singing. However, "Ek Tha Tiger" theme song is reminiscent of Shah Rukh Khan’s Don Theme, the credit goes to music Director Sohail Sen and also Sajid Wajid.

Director Kabir Khan ensures he exploits Salman’s screen charisma, while also adding substance to whatever is happening all around. The twists in the tale are enough to keep you from snoozing due to an overdose of action.


By the way, I loved this flick maybe since I am an action freak since my days of learning Karate while I was in high school, likewise Salman never fails to entertain me and the release of the new Indian Bollywood Hindi movie "Ek Tha Tiger" is aptly timed, with the independence day release and with only two working dyas, this weekend strtches upto Monday, Eid-Ul-Fitr. With festivities in the air, this Tiger is sure to bite his way to another box office success. The TIGER is actually RROARRING!!!


However, that’s not Hot news anymore. Salman always mesmerizes with his punches!!! Where DABANGG, READY & BODYGUARD had definite comic tones, there’s more to "Ek Tha Tiger" than just comical action and a larger than life Salman Khan flattering the audience that loves him so much. "Ek Tha Tiger" is much more and reveals the fact that be it a comic entertainer or a pure action film, Salman is truly the ONLY TIGER among "all the Khan’s of Bollywood, and even some more"!!!

My rating for this film is 3 and a half stars on a scale of 5. Even four!!!


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