Pooja Bhatt’s JISM 2 (2012) feat. Sunny Leone: WBRi Movie Review

Jism 2 Actress Sunny Leone in Chaze Mobile AdKolkata, August 4, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) From time immemorial women’s body has been the center of controversy and analysis for people. From the artist’s point of view the sinuous body of women provides optimal satisfaction to carve it in their drawings and paintings and to reveal her exotic beauty molded by nature and civilization. It has also attracted the criticism of people from various spheres of life who had their own judgment and disagreement about the amount of freedom that a body of a woman should be subjected to in the society.

The story of Jism 2 begins with the contentious actor Sunny Leone, whose tag as a porn star was kept under wraps while she entered the Big Boss season. As usual,  we Indian audiences, enamored by her American accent and  fair skin, which we can’t deny because of our obsession for fairness cream in trying to appear white, like we have been white washed with imaginary lights beaming from our skin, started pooling around the TV just to have a glimpse of her behavior and activities. Later, Pooja Bhatt detected her immense talent for acting just in her way of sitting and gaping all the time at people keeping curiously quiet with her housemates. She, in the virtual film world, plays a porn star which she is in real life, who is used as bait by a dashing intelligence officer for capturing a much terror-inducing and dreaded assassin, played by Randeep Hooda. While she lures the assassin, trying to deflect him from his objective, it is still to be seen where the three characters are finally led to.

A lot of chatter is been going around the movie regarding Sunny Leone’s bold character.  Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt are of the opinion that women body should be celebrated with freedom and respect and the Indian audiences are cynical whenever they have to confront the reality of physical desire which is embedded in every animal species.  It can be stated as hypocritical cause that their definitions of women’s body are narrow and they still have not been able to transcend from the parameters of socially constructed definitions. Is the perfect thin body with lighter skin and a definite height the prototype for the beauty that defines a woman? Can’t a healthy woman, with not all these perfect features be deemed beautiful? Again, the idea of perfection lies in the perspectives of few people. Something that we have been regularly fed, and blindly following through ages, cannot be desirous for everyone. Are fair skin, an American accent all that you require to land yourself with a movie in the Bollywood industry?

Randeep Hooda shuns some of his wooden gawking and tries to produce some movement regarding his facial muscles. Sunny Leone as usual goes around showing her Jism and looking pretty. If a lot of work was not expensed in her dresses and body movements and instead have been concentrated in her acting than at least the movie would have had something substantive. The music is melodious and has been able to make their places in the chartbusters. Though compared to the haunting melodies of the first movie Jism, it fails to stir the emotion of the people to that extent but somewhere pales in comparison. The last thing about her remains that she is a porn star. In a democratic country like America and India, everyone has the choice to decide whether he or she wants to be a porn star or a prostitute. As long as the work is not being detrimental to the lives of the people or threatening the well being and sanity of the population which many industrial and corporate firms in the veneer of development does, the majority of the audiences really won’t have a problem with her vocation.

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Check out Jism 2 if you are really bowled over by the steamy promos. Waiting for the television premiere would, perhaps, be a better idea though.

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