SEVEN DAYS (7 Days) 2011 Tollywood Bengali Movie Review

By Aditya Chakraborty

Tollywood Bengali Film Actresses Sreelekha Mitra & Moubani Sorcar
Bengali Film Actresses Sreelekha Mitra & Moubani Sorcar at premiere of "7 Days"

Tollywood Hero Saheb Chatterjee
Tollywood hero Saheb Chatterjee

Calcutta, Aug 27, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) "One murder - One man - One week". Thus reads the tag-line of Tathagata Bhattacharya’s urban thriller ‘Seven Days’, a murder mystery starring Saheb Chatterjee, Moubani Sorcar, Sreelekha Mitra, Deepankar Dey and Subhasish Mukherjee in lead roles.

Meghna, the relationship manager of a hotel gets murdered when she gets to the real nature of business of her boss who deals in drugs. Her sister turns up at the same hotel and starts working in the same position as her sister. She accuses Ringo of murdering her sister. He tells her that he will prove his innocence to her within 7 days. Thus starts the investigation by Ringo and the cops who discover there’s more it to than the boss’s involvement.

Payel, Meghna’s sister also discovers the real identity of her boss and of the killer. Ringo comes to know that Meghna loves him and she knew that Ringo is not the murderer, but she wanted him to come out with the truth.

The interesting part of the story is the real twist in the tale where the real identity of the murderer is discovered. No, it is not Mr. Gomes, the boss of Meghna and Payel. Then who is it? Incidentally the murderer had killed Meghna accidentally as he had just wanted to scare her!

The film is definitely of a genre which we do not get to see much in Bengali films, perhaps because the suspense level is low. The same applies here as well as there was practically no suspense till the very the end where there is a twist in the tale and perhaps makes the film a little interesting.

This film is not about acting skills, however it is interesting to see Saheb as a D.J. The opening sequence and also the title song is interesting! Overall the execution looks a little amateurish. If a little more attention could have been given to all departments, the film would have been a much better thriller! The name was interesting and so were the tag lines!

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