"Ekbar Bol Tor Keo Neyi" Song from Baishe Srabon

Calcutta, Aug 27, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Prosenjit the cop loses his son to the Calcutta mafia ? Parambrata loses his girl Raima Sen to Abir Chatterjee ?

Spectacular visuals with just the right dose of SFX that do not jar your senses but get across what Srijit Mukherji wants to portray.

Chaplin's claim to be a Bengali film unlike any others before it is unlikely to remain unchallenged for long. Baishe Srabon (Bengali, 2011) appears all set to give Chaplin (Bengali, 2011) a run for that distinction in a few weeks.

Ekbar Bol Keo Nei is the second song from the film, written, composed and performed by Anupam Roy.

If you haven't yet, listen to Srijit talk about the film in this post.

Watch the video release by Shree Venkatesh films via You Tube.

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