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(A Moment Of Uncertainty)

Interview with the members of Bangla Band Destiny by Subhomoy Mukherjee

Destiny was formed in 2006 when Archan and Sanjay started jamming. In those days that was mere fun for those guys. Then Suman joined the band as a supporting guitar player. He introduced Ayan, and subsequently Subhomoy also joined the band - thus forming Destiny. The band strives to create a new genre of music by fusing progressive with neo-classical melody-based compositions.

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Destiny are:

Destiny Performing Live on StageSuman Sarkar (Vocals & Guitars)

The most versatile member of the band who writes as well as frames the compositions single-handedly. Started his music career as a vocalist but now mastered  the guitar as well tremendously. Responsible for all the heavy riffs as well as few solo sections too.

Archan Mukherjee (Guitars)

Considered to be the best guy of the band (both in nature as well as talent in playing guitar solos). Started playing the guitar in school, now well-known as one of the most versatile guitarists across all genres. Whether its neo-classical or heavy-metal or plain progressive, this guy can simply thrash any competition with his overall guitaring abilities!

Subhomoy Saha (Keys & Vocals)

The coolest guy of the community. Though he plays keyboards, he can also set the stage on fire with his vocal abilities  (mostly classical based songs)! Subhomoy has the ability to fuse melody solo sections along with hard riff structures. He can also play  guitars to a large extent.

Ayan Chandra (Bass Guitars & supporting vocals)

The most notorious guy of the band. Started playing Bass in high school. One of the most appreciated bassists specially in inter-collegiate competitions. When most people used to think that bass players are just a support to the band, this guy showed them what bass players are specially when it comes to playing solos & that too of all genres!

Sanjay Gupta (Drums & Percussion)

The most interesting as well as the senior-most member of the band. He also manages the band. One of the most rocking drum players of today's Kolkata music circle. Tremendous ability to vary rhythm & tempo & thus produce some new patterns which eventually lead to genuine progressive numbers!

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