Shahrukh Khan Productions' "Live My Life" Offers Fans a Day of Celebrity Living on TV Show on UTV STARS Channel

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Mumbai, Aug 19, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) UTV STARS launches its first rendezvous with Bollywood, ‘Live My Life’ with Imran Khan. Superstar Shahrukh Khan’s Production house to execute the show!

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could escape the monotony of your daily routine and live the uber cool and glamorous life of your favorite superstar for just a day? Touch! Feel! Believe! is the mantra of UTV Stars and living upto its brand promise, the channel is gearing up to launch a one of its kind series called ‘LIVE MY LIFE’  that finds a die-hard fan of a Super star and makes his biggest dream of living the lives of his favorite star come true. In true Bollywood style LIVE MY LIFE is that dream-catcher’s route to glamour, glitz and pure stardom, albeit borrowed for a while!

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From luxury living to elegant dining and experiencing stardom, the fan will get pampered and will be made to feel like a superstar.  The whole day will be planned by the Star for their fan. In the midst of the hi living, the fan will be privy to some special surprises in store during the day – a phone call, a note, a special gift, a video message even an engagement with some of the stars friends and professional associates like  Dress designer, hair stylist, Gym instructor, nutritionist and lots more. It is a show that is sure to delight audiences and give them a rare opportunity to get an intimate access to India’s Biggest Superstars.

Planned as a 13 episode series, each episode will showcase a new superstar along with his or her handpicked favorite fan. Every episode will trail the fabulously lucky fan through the day amidst all the high living and pleasant surprises from the superstar. And taking them through the day will be the effervescent host, Shamoly Khera.

The first episode of the series will feature the blue eyed boy of Bollywood, Imran Khan and his 19 year old fan, Rhea from Chennai. Being a die hard fan of Imran, she uses her avid interest in poetry to profess her love for the dashing actor. It was Imran himself who planned a minute by minute itinerary for an entire day of surprises and exhilarating activities for his fan like – A script reading session with Punit Malhotra, Director of ‘I Hate Luv Stories’, a complete style makeover, mock media interaction session with the help of Imran’s best friend and stylist Neha and a surprise visit by Imran himself!

The selection of the fan in each episode is done via a rigorous yet intriguing research process across the web and social media. Once the fans are short listed the stars take the final call, sometimes the fans are innumerable and hence the choice is left to luck and selection is done through a draw. Ever episode will trail the fabulously lucky fan through the day amidst all the high living and pleasant surprises from the superstar.

While luxury and awe highlight the moments in the day, there are also moments where the diehard fan needs to live upto his image and undertake a task which is challenging yet fun like singing, dancing, biking or bungee jumping like the star himself/herself!

The final event is the interaction with the Superstar itself over a meal, a drive or possibly a walk under the stars. A sight that’s sure to remain etched in the minds of the audiences for a long, long time.

Commenting on the launch of Live My Life, Nikhil Gandhi, Business Head, UTV STARS, said: “UTV STARS stands for differentiation and the show Live My Life is testimony to that. Never has there been a show that brings the fan so close to his favorite star and offers him the opportunity to live like him. With a concept so innovative and exhilarating, I sincerely believe the audiences have plenty of excitement in store for them.”

The show is slated to go on air on the 21st of August, every Sunday at 7pm and will be part of the original programming over the weekend. Don’t forget to tune in to UTV STARS and experience stardom this 21st!

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