Abhishek Ganguli's "Voices - Murmurs of the Mind" Short Film Launch in Kolkata: A Report

By Aditya Chakraborty

Film-maker Abhishek Ganguly talked to us from Kolkata a few days ago - you can listen to the audio interview with Abhishek in this post.

Calcutta, Aug 25, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Pritha lived in her own world - a world of voices and visions - which no one could comprehend. This world of her had different sounds - visuals - murmurs - it was her very own private space.

The Film "Voices - Murmurs of the Mind" echoes Pritha’s mental space, desires and dreams which were not understood or appreciated by others - they remained unreal ...

Hers was a lonely existence…in her very own world.

Voices - Murmurs Of The Mind - Bengali Movie Poster

The Short Film in Bengali of 21 Mins. is a project of  the creative organization LEARNING SYSTEM (www.learning-system.in) under their ‘Cinema for a Cause’ initiative to address and make people aware about the mental illnesses, specially schizophrenia, which is affecting millions all across the globe.

The Film has been screened at SHORTS 2011 - a short film festival in Jamshedpur (2-3 July’2011) organized by Tata Steel in association with Take 5 Communications.

The film which has been directed by Abhishek Ganguli, a filmmaker who had made several ad films and short films in the past and runs his own successful creative outfit cum event management agency called Learning System.

The film was launched by renowned Bengali film actor Biswajit Chakrabarty at the Saturday Club on Thursday where Sumit Roy, the "Elvis Presley" of Kolkata sang a song called "Voices…Murmurs of the Mind" written and composed specially for this occasion. The screening was followed by an interaction session with leading psychiatrists and social workers of Kolkata. The event was anchored by theater and short film actor Siddharta Sen from Jamshedpur.

Abhishek intends to make his next short film on retired sex workers and we can easily understand that the subjects of his films are based on very real relevant issues which we all need to give a thought to and lend a helping hand if required to him to further the cause.

He is surely doing a wonderful social job for the society in fact by making these films and we wish him all the best.

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