Whistling Woods International Film School Turning Passion into Profession

By Raksha Narang

Whistling Woods International Film School

Mumbai, Aug 25, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) In India where most parents are known to educate their children, with hopes limited to only seeing them as being doctors and engineers, whilst thinking away professions like acting as pipe-dreams – prestigious film-making institutes like Whistling Woods give them reason to reconsider.

Being an institute that is backed by big names in the film industry like Subhash Ghai, Mukta Arts Limited and Filmcity Mumbai - Whistling Woods has become quite the rally point for film-makers from all around India to come and train under.  Apart from acting and direction - animation, cinematography, editing, producing, screenwriting and many other things go into making movies and the institute provides courses to train expertise in each of these individual fields and has in process become recognized as one of Asia's largest film-making institutes.

In most Indian educational institutes, students are often forced to study   and work in fields far from their interest, thus making them disinterested and indifferent to what they learn. Whistling Woods is an institute that works on the motto - "Turning passion into profession" - focusing on extensively training students according to their talents and making them excel in the fields for which they already have scope for.

In the end, what ultimately inspires talent and passion to show its true colors however, is the right kind of platform, which Whistling Woods amply provides due to its close ties to the movie-business. After-all, encouragement, direction and achievement in sight, often makes the goal being chased, easier to pursue.

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