Coming Straight Your Way from Mahi: Actress Pushtiie Shakti Launches Homemade Products

Actress Pushti Shakti

Homemade Lifestyle Products Sold by TV Actress Pushti Shakti

Mumbai, Aug 24 (Washington Bangla Radio / IBNS): Television actress Pushtiie Shakti, best known for her fun loving character from Hindi series Mahi Way, has launched her own line of homemade lifestyle products.

The bubbly TV star, who has also acted in movies like Ishq Vishk, Aloo Chaat  and Luv Ka The End said, she has forever been fascinated with positive energy, magic and spiritual quests, and thus has created her own line of products.

“We sell everything from common cold cures (ginger soap) to energy bar that rejuvenate and a thousand things in between. The funda is simple - we use positive energy to wash away the negativity," she said.

The homemade products can be found on Facebook by searching 'bath etc', Shakti added.

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