Powerman Mc New Single Doggs Who Chase Cats Feat. SPI & Haveknot

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Powerman MC Dogs That Chase The Cats Cover ArtWashington, DC, Aug 22, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Powerman MC (Kenneth L. Gibbs Sr.) has featured on music CD’s and Mix tapes with Artists such as Snoop Dogg, Prince, Havoc Razor, Dr. Dre, Eminem, D12, Joski, DJ Quick, Brown Stone, Waren G, Toy Capone, Nate Dogg, Ice Cube, lil’rob, SPI, Insinc, Kurupt, and many others. Powerman has hosted the show Dance hall Party from 1991 to 1993 in East LA on Buena cable and appeared on the Live in color tv show for over a decade the show aired in over 11 different states for over a decade.

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Powerman MC has been featured on Hip-Hop & R&B hit mix tapes and CD’s Nationwide and overseas from California to Atlanta, from Seattle Washington to Florida, also number one Artist in Japan for two months in 2002.

Powerman MC has been a volunteer at the City of Los Angeles’ Panorama Rec. Center for 10 years, and lead Park Advisory Board for three years. He is an energetic coach, and often fills in as DJ and emcee for special events.

When the center recently experienced a shortage of coaches, Kenneth - “Powerman” to his friends - volunteered to coach four basketball teams so participants would not be disappointed. He has also used his cinematic abilities to train teens on the basics of filmmaking, and has produced two films featuring members of the Panorama Teen Club. Kenneth is a multitalented and tireless hero! He can be reached at (818) 200-8238, e-mail: powermanmc1@yahoo.com

He is the President of Feel Da Vibe Records, and his long list of achievements includes:

Sold over 500, 000 records in last fifteen years
Mo Better Records & Feel Da Vibe Records Full power in production
2005 Rap album (credited) Producer/Artist
State to State Riders 2001-2002 (album, credited) Producer/Artist
Welfare to Millionaire (album, credited) Producer/Artist
Bronco shuffle (Super Bowl) 1997-1998 (credited) Producer/Artist
Ms Sports Album (Hip Hop, credited) Artist/Producer
Featured on Mr. Sickz‘s solo album
Cross Bone Soundtrack
Featured on Califa Rap.com (CD)
Sold between 50,000 to 75,000 albums in Mexico and Southern California in 2005-7
“Out of the Blue” - Sitcom - Featured song: Through the Lens Artist, Channel 5


“Scary Stories” -Producer, Lead actor, Script writer, Music Supervisor
(currently in production) 2010-current 2011
“Did you see that?” -Producer Lead actor, Script writer, Music Supervisor
(2009 in post production)
“Rage and Honor”- Actor (Police Officer)
“From Welfare to Millionaire”- Producer, Co-Producer, Script writer, Actor, Music Supervisor
“Crossbones”- Soundtrack Score- 2 songs
“JC in the Hood” - Lead Actor-(Alcoholic homeless man)
“Choices 2” -Actor, Staff Producer (Bar tender) Distributed by: Sony/Columbia
“Sweet Potato Pie”- Actor (Partygoer)
“Tha Crib” - Lead Actor, Soundtrack Producer (Record label CEO)
“Latin Spring Break” - Soundtrack Production, Actor/Cameo
“Vodoo Tales” - Movie Soundtrack and Co-Producer
“Mutiny” -Actor (Sailor) NBC
“Aces”-(Distributed by Warner Bros.)-Actor (Gangster)
“Single Black Female” - Actor (Police Officer)
“Wolf Tickets” (In Pre-Production)-Writer, Actor, Music Supervisor
“Champagne Gang” - Music Production 2 songs
“Nurse Betty” - Actor (Patient)
NOVEMBER 9, 2010: “Ninth Annual Park’s Awards Celebration”

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