Three Film Buffs Cross Boundaries to Open Fan Site on Actors Rishi Kaushik and Aparajita Ghosh Das

Bangalore/Aurangabad/Dhaka, Aug 22, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Three movie enthusiasts have crossed geographical distances and international boundaries to unite in their love for Bengali film. Madhumita Mukherjee from Bangalore, Karnataka, India; Asmita Mukherjee from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India and the youngest one, Loya Islam from Dhaka, Bangladesh are die-hard fans of Tollywood actors Rrishii Kaushik (interview) & Aparajita Ghosh Das, and have started a fan web-site at


Madhumita is self employed and Loya is a practicing  Pediatrician . Madhumita says the trio are "die-hard, ardent fans of Rk & Aparajita. Swayed back to Bengali TV on seeing EAN, following RK & Apo since late Nov 2008 and hasn't stopped since. Believe in bringing the MAGIC of this duo to the world ".

EAN is Ekhane Akash Neel, a path-breaking Mega-Serial after watching which they thought about doing something for these two Actors.

The trio emphasize that they are not like typical actors with their whole time devoted to acting. They are actors who when acting, are completely engrossed in it but when they are not acting, they are very normal but very private persons.

They love their own space. Both of them are nature and animal-lovers and when they are not working , they are exploring some new place, traveling to some other parts of the country.

Rrishii is an avid motor-cyclist and he goes out on trips whenever he gets time and during those trips, he loves to  sleep on charpais, drink masala-chai and just vrooms on.

Aparajita, pretty and petite, loves to roam around, enjoys local food of the place where she has gone and gets soaked in the beauties of nature.

Gradually when the trio came to know about all these little details from magazines etc., they got even more   attracted towards them. And then they started searching for their previous works. Since none of them lives in Kolkata, their search had become more intense because they wanted to know their favorite actors - their works and their style of working, their behavior-patterns and everything - every little detail - about them.

Internet searches and  scanned newspapers of Kolkata editions of the Times of India, Telegraph , The Statesman, and Sangbad Pratidin, Anandabazar and Bartaman offered much information. The actors started their career from circa 2003, so they scanned newspapers from that year till date and whatever they got, they used to create the website.

The trio lament that other than Tara TV, they did not receive much help from Kolkata TV channels. They had requested Zee Bangla on which their first successful Mega was beamed  ("Ekdin Pratidin") to make a DVD set of the Mega, and Star Jalsha, a Bengali regional channel from the group of Star India on which EAN used to be beamed, again to make the DVD set of EAN. But both the channels were non-responsive.

But Rrishii and Aparajita's fans worldwide are madly asking for the DVDs, specially of these two Megas. And these kind of nonchalant attitude instigated the trio to do something seriously for these two most adorable faces of the Bengali screen silver and small screens.

The website is in some ways an expression of all those rejected phone-calls to the channels, all those 'care two hoots' attitude of the Kolkata Directors and many others connected with the entertainment industry.

Madhumita says, "Bhalo Bhabo, Bhalo Hobey" - Think Good , Good Happens. And the three of them believe in that Unique Living Mantra.

All the three of them have contributed in their own way. As regards editing, Madhumita does the job beautifully with her deep knowledge of linguistics. She has translated Rrishii's write-ups on travel from Bengali to English and they have added it in the Special Interest section of Rrishii in the Web.

Loya can create beautiful collages and she has that innate sense of beauty which has made the colours etc. of the web look good and its presentation was seen by all of them.

Asmita gathers news and details from various available sources that they feel will enrich  the website.

Thus is the journey of the three girls from across India and Bangladesh. "We want this Website to be the one stop where anyone can know any thing about Rrishii & Aparajita's work and their lives which they share with the media but nothing personal about them and we fiercely try to protect their privacy. And at the same time this is our loving tribute to Rrishii -Aparajita" says Asmita.

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