Film Preview: EK PHALI ROD (Bengali, 2012) - When Mock Crises Become Real | A Film by Atanu Ghosh | Synopsis, Character Sketches

Atanu Ghosh - Tokhon Teyish Bengali MovieCalcutta, Jan 29, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) He followed up his stellar debut full-length feature film Angshumaner Chobi with the remarkable psychological thriller on online social networking Takhan Teyish. National award-winning Bengali film-maker Atanu Ghosh's third Bengali feature film titled "EK FALI ROD" is eagerly awaited by film-lovers and will release soon . You may recall Atanu previously chatting on Washington Bangla Radio about Anshumaner Chobi »  and Takhan Teish ».

You can buy Atanu Ghosh's films on DVD in USA: Angshumaner Chobi and Takhan Teyish.

Ek Phaali Rod stars Dhritiman Chatterjee, Jisshu Sengupta, Tota Roychowdhury, Ritwik Chakrabarty, Arunima Ghosh, Mahua Halder, Aritro Dutta, Barun Chanda, Dulal Lahiri, Rudranil Ghosh, Arindam Sil and Aparajita Ghosh Das and others. Music is directed by Joy Sarkar (interview) and the film features songs by a remarkably young 2nd Grade girl Sanghamitra Basu, Rupam Islam and Lopamudra Mitra (interview).

True to Atanu's innovative story-lines, the film is about a psychologist's experiments with human reactions to crises - the psychologist simulates crises to observe and study, but a real crisis then rears it's heads which will change the game.

Dhritiman Chatterjee plays US based psychology researcher Dr. Somshankar Roy now on an assignment in Calcutta. A man of rich taste and sensibilities, Dr. Roy is sophisticated and pragmatic.

Aparajita Ghosh Das and Ritwick Chakraborty play Anwesha and Swagata respectively who are charged with simulating critical situations in Kolkata so that Somshankar can observe how people around such situations react.

Aparajita Ghosh DasAnwesa has a Post-graduate degree in Sociology. Also and amateur actress in a theatre group, Anwesha is smart, intelligent, sensitive and intensely emotional. She is destined to go through a series of events that will change her perception of life.

Hailing from a middle-class joint family in north Calcutta, Swagata graduated with a degree in journalism years ago. Sensitive and responsible, Swagata was quite lively and humorous till he faces the ultimate crisis of his life.

Jisshu Sengupta plays Anwesha's romantic interest and star singer Joy. Joy is a popular singer coming from an affluent family, and is charismatic and romantic, while being honest with his emotions. Born with a silver spoon, he has literally been spared of any crisis in life.

Mahua Halder plays Rupa, Swagata’s girlfriend who grew up in the economically challenging environment of a colony. Rupa has lost her father when she was a kid and is tired of facing crisis of life; she is looking for an opportunity to put her family out of financial crunch forever.

Tota Roy Chowdhury plays a blind man Pratim who contributes to the staging of the experimental crisis situations. Well-known author of bestselling fiction in English and blind since birth, Pratim is intensely humane, sensitive and emotional. He aspires to do all that a sighted person does and gets terribly irritated if anyone takes pity on him.

Rudranil Ghosh (interview) plays a brilliant cameo in the film.

Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie Actress Arunima GhoshThe real crisis happens at a beach (Shankarpur) where the team goes on vacation and involves Mimi (played by Arunima Ghosh) - an aspiring singer who gets involved with the team at the beach. Mimi comes from an affluent family and is smart, ambitious and attractive. She seeks a ‘break’ from Joy. Mimi has a deep understanding of life which is not revealed by her flashy exterior.

Official Synopsis

Dr. Somshankar Roy, a social scientist, engages Swagato and Anwesha to create ‘mock’ crisis on the streets. The aim was to observe reactions of people to different forms of crisis happening around them, and to analyze whether humanism is 'alive' or 'dead'. But all theories and deductions go astray when they come face to face with a crisis in their own lives and cannot decipher whether the crisis is MOCK or REAL.

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